My Stringed Instrument

Mandolin is a musical instrument that generally is round or teardropshaped about the size of a violin. It has four pairs of strings played with a plectrum (pick). It has an attention getting sound and I have used it in just about every musical style (classical and folk).

As the need and opportunities have raised in my job and ministry I have played (by ear)  piano, guitar and accordion, but the instrument I feel most comfortable playing is the mandolin and every time I played it, it brings many memories. I learned at church in Mexico when I was a teenager; Chabelita was my teacher and director of the “Estudiantina” (group of students playing music). In my early twenties I worked as a tutor for one of my nieces and my first salary ever was to purchase a mandolin.  Last year I finally bought me a nice-looking mandolin that I enjoy playing for school and church programs.

Learning to play back in the 80s


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  1. ¡Qué gratos recuerdos, Andrés! I love you so much!!!!

  2. No inventes ! yo tambien toco la mandolina ademas de guitarra, flauta y percusiones (bongo , conga, cajon peruano y djembe) y tambien de oido !!
    Hombre, un día tenemos que Juntarnos don Joel , tu y Yo para echarnos una tarde musical.
    Iván Munguía

  3. graba un cd instrumental, “música para el alma” y así ponerlo para leer y meditar. tkm/ tutis

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