Kitchen Crew

The annual Women’s Retreat is a short version of a camp that starts Friday with supper and ends on Sunday after dinner. I was first invited to take part in the kitchen crew in 2001 and although I had worked as a cook/baker in college and camp in the States; I had a long way to learn about Bolivian gastronomy and shopping in the marketplace since grocery deliveries and supermarkets are still foreign-thought in Camiri.

I once said that preparing food for a large crowd in an industrial kitchen is “a piece of cake, but to cook in the kitchen of Camiri campgrounds, it is the entire cake. We are allowed to use one old fridge and one old freezer, but the rest we have to transport from here, gas-tanks, stoves and all kitchen utilities and cookware.

I thank the Lord for past experiences which gave me the knowledge and love for cooking and baking and the people who were beside me teaching and guiding me: My parents had a bakery and pastry shop, Dean Dover and Pete Landis were excellent chefs and bosses at Emmaus and Deerfoot. Now I am a missionary-teacher, but a little bit of culinary art has been a great helpful tool in serving others and it is a delight to train others the way others did it for me.            


Half the cook books tell you how to cook the food and the other half tell you how to avoid eating it.” A-Rooney

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  1. Andres-
    Your last blog reminded me of those amazing cinnamon buns you used to make at Emmaus! Ah–good memories 🙂
    ~ Cyndi

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