Frank L. Morris

A High School picture of Frank

In the incredible and cosmic lapse of time in which we are given the chance to live a speck and with the vast amount of people born in different eras and places; it gets to be the most interesting and fascinating event the meeting of two people who at one time walked unaware of each other and in one single and unique moment their paths crossed and life was never to be the same for those two.

Frank L. Morris was born May 12th in the United States forty-seven years before I was born in Mexico. We are from two different countries, two distinct languages, two unlike cultures and two separated generations, but in what I call “the miracle of the church” we have the same Lord and Savior.

Frank started writing me in support, encouragement and interest to the work of the Lord in Camiri, Bolivia. In his many letters over the years he has sent me many copies of articles he thought I might enjoy, books I got to read, pictures I have collected in my albums, but we had not had the opportunity to personally meet. It was in December of 2008 that we finally shook hands as we met in the house of Charles and Betty Shorten, a dear couple for both of us, in London, Province of Ontario, Canada.

Frank and Kathleen (me) Charles and Betty Shorten

Today is his birthday and I want to celebrate with him the gift of life, the gift of salvation which has brought us into the fellowship of the body of Christ and the gift of friendship that in spite of all the “impossibilities and unlikelihoods” of ever finding us, it has made my life richer and blessed!
Frank, I hope to be a nonagenarian like you, showing grace and love to those who are behind me in age. Thank you for everything and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Nonagenarian is a word I learned from you.
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  1. Frank’s story is great.


  2. ¡Wow, Andrés! Qué bueno contar con estas amistades como la de Frank, pero sobre todo, qué bueno tener un corazón agradecido y de verdadero amigo como el tuyo. Y me uno a ti para desearle a tu nonagenario amigo y hermano: ¡FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS, FRANK!

  3. Andres,

    I have heard a lot about you from….Frank Morris. He is a great friend of mine as well and I talk to him once or twice a week. Frank may have mentioned his hometown, Cass City, Michigan. I, too, am from Cass City (I’m 20-years-old) and while doing research on the history of our town, I was directed by a mutual friend to contact “Dr. Morris’ youngest son, Frank”. Well, needless to say, our first correspondence back in 2006 led to a great friendship. Thank you for sharing!

    In Christ,

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