Tramite is a hard Spanish word to literally translate into English. There can be expressions and other words to describe the meaning, but it will never “hit the nail on the head”.  Tramite is the necessary and consecutive steps to do, complete or give solution to a matter. It may refer to paperwork arrangements and its bureaucratic processing time, legal steps, routine business, stages or procedure.

Getting a new passport was a huge “tramite” requiring me to travel to the capital city of La Paz twice last year. The next step was to transfer the sticker of my permanent resident visa from the old passport to the new one. I started the process last November and it is still “in the pipeline!”  Yesterday I was in the Immigration office where I was told that my “tramite” was in observation since my passport is missing a sticker of a two-year visa before I could get the indefinite sticker. I told them that I am not the one behind the counter giving me these visas; they are given to me by this office. They did not know what to say, so I got the traditional answer “come back in three days”.

Any tramite goes along with red tape and I have decided that it is useless to think that I will not bump into any obstacles or delays. Tramites are just part of life and an inevitable one of living in another country.

The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it

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  1. Los trámites son tediosos de alguna manera y parece que Latinoamérica tiene un concurso para ver qué país tarda mas tiempo en otorgar una visa, un acta de nacimiento etc. La paciencia, alguien escribió es uno de los 9 sabores del fruto del Espíritu y para disfrutarlo primero hay que cultivarlo, cosecharlo. Estas en el proceso de cultivar paciencia y en su momento ese fruto estará en tu mesa. Te quiero mucho, tutis

  2. ¡Oh, casi olvido el mundo de los trámites! Estás en nuestras oraciones.

  3. Andres….God only knows….you can only rest in his care!

    love you, friend.

  4. De acuerdo, lo compartiré a los hermanos y estarémos orando por tí, y por las demás necesidades.
    Dios te bendiga. saludos de toda la familia

  5. Hi Andres,
    Our prayers are for you at this time of “Tramite Tribulation”


  6. This morning I came back as I was told and the “tramite” continues.
    After paying 5 dollars for applying for the visa-sticker that my passport is missing; now I have to wait another 3 days and pay $300 for the sticker!

    I’ll then do what I’ve got to do.

  7. “Come back in two weeks” was AGAIN this morning’s response. I said “really? or is it more??” Then they said: “Yea, better come back in three weeks or more”

    Still waiting….

  8. […] of the school’s two-week winter break I had to go Santa Cruz to pick up my passport with my residence visa for Bolivia, I was invited to attend a college graduation ceremony of one the Christian School […]

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