The Mask

A mask is worn on the face for protection, disguise, performance or entertainment. It is a vivid element in many folk and traditional ceremonies, rituals, parades and festivities. In medicine there are surgical masks, in sports people use wrestling and baseball catcher’s masks, in holidays like Halloween, Carnival and Purim we find the most creative and original ones.

In its origins the Greek word pròposon was a theatrical mask or megaphone through which the actor spoke. The word “person” became to signify the “role attributed to a mask”.  Other word that came from mask is “personality” meaning the visible aspect of one’s character, the particular behavior of an individual.

The Youth Group of the Camiri Church organized the 2011 Carnival Retreat “LA MASCARA” with emphasis on taking the mask of impediments off (shyness, embarrassment, fear, etc.) to let the world know we are followers of Christ. Every camper designed his/her own mask to wear during dinner the last day, then after dinner around a bonfire, volunteers gave testimony of how they were going to be open in their witnessing for the Lord tossing their nice masks to the fire. Many masks were burnt that night.

    “…and the truth will set you free”

“Let love be without hypocrisy”

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  1. What a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Andres,
    “Build an altar” – something to remind you of this past weekend! There are times when you will need to look back on this weekend…and thank God for the reality in your experiences.


  3. ¡Excelente post mi querido Andrés! Me ha encantado leer las definiciones como “persona”, “personalidad” No cabe duda que sí es cierto que somos muy tendientes a colocarnos ciertos artificios o máscaras para dar a saber lo que en realidad somos o fongir lo que no. Lo maravilloso es que el Señor lo sabe todo. Bien por la juventud en Camiri. El Señor te siga ayudando para seguir adelante compartiendo con ellos en la fe y ejemplo en el Señor.

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