My Sister and Friend

Virginia Margarita Segovia, my sister, was born March 10th 1964 in Veracruz, Mexico. She was named Virginia after my mom and Margarita after my dad’s sister. She is also known to some as Vicky, but shortly after birth Dad called her “Tutis” which was a chewing-gum flavor that had gotten Dad’s attention. The nickname stuck to her for life and she isn’t bothered by it at all. Relatives, friends and her own children call her “Tutis”.

Tutis was born very weak and with the umbilical cord around her neck. When she was months old, she was taken to the doctor’s because my parents were afraid she might be deaf, but she and her hearing were normal; she was just a very passive and calm baby, undisturbed by noise around her.

A year and a half later I joined the family and unlike Tutis, I came strong, active, full of energy and very independent. The story however has a 360º turn. One day when Dad was at work and Mon was attending to the house chores, I fell down from a chair, hit my head and lost consciousness. I did not have a fracture, but my health remained delicate for quite some years. For some bizarre and unexplained reason I became passive, quiet and calm while my sister became stronger, active, the sport-type and very sociable and beautiful girl.

We were returning from school one day. I walk behind Tutis who is talking to one of her many friends who also lives in the same apartment complex. We arrive home and she tells story after story in detail of her day at school. I manage to say “it’s my turn!” but I say nothing. “How was your day?” Mom asks to motivate the conversation and a simple “fine” comes out of my mouth and nothing else. Now I work hard to be more expressive, I work hard to answer questions with more than one or two words, I work even harder to take the initiative in conversation and to be a better communicator. Tutis has learned to “take her turn” and we enjoy each other.

Fighting with Tutis is a very vague memory. We were not perfect children, of course, we hardly fought, that is, punching and knocking out each other. Getting angry and up set at each other was and is very common. It was in our twenties that I felt that besides having a nothing-we-can-do-about-it-brother-sister relationship, we also became good friends.

My first years of college were in the States, away from everything that was familiar. Thankfully my sister can write as much as she can talk; her letters were continually a source of encouragement and joy. At that time, she had a very good job as an accountant, but her deepest desire had been to go to India and serve as a missionary. In the summer of 1990 her wish came true and in her way to India she came to the States. We spent a week together and went to Disneyland. As other people had mentioned, Disneyland proved to be a place for grown-ups as well. I guess Disneyland is a place with magic of its own, but to me, that day with my sister and friend is unforgettable; she has unsurpassed magic. Our time in L.A. went faster than I wanted and had to return to college and she had a long journey ahead. The night before our departure, I couldn’t sleep. The room was dark and I cried while I prayed for her. My admiration, respect and love for her strengthened that night.

Life is a series of vignettes and I have chosen only a few. I have so much in my heart and memory about my sister, in my opinion, she deserves a book!     Tutis…she is just another normal common person among the millions in this world…just another wife…just another mother…just another person who I have the blessing and honor of having as my sister and friend.

“To have a loving relationship with a sister is not simply to have a buddy or confidante- It is to have a soulmate for life.”  V. Secunda

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  1. Sin palabras solo con lagrimas en mis ojos conmovida. Te quiero mucho y extraño que caminemos juntos hacia algún lado. Gracias doy a Dios por tu vida en mi vida en este peregrinar hacia la eternidad. Muchas gracias por tus palabras. Te quiero mucho,

  2. Mi querido primo, recuerda que hablo Españoooolll…. oye muy bonito lo que pusiste de tutis pero solo entendi “mi Hermana y Amiga” no seas gacho compartelo con todos.. jaja!! .. saludos y un beso. Ahorita le llamo para felicitarla, porque segun la tenia d contacto pero mm nada.

  3. ¡Hermosa remembranza de Tutis mi querido Andrés!
    Y es increíble cómo el Señor nos va cambiando en nuestro caminar. Sigue adelante caminando con él, que estoy segura que Tutis lo sigue haciendo tal como lo veo acá en el Puerto en unión de sus hijos y esposo.
    Le envío a través tuyo mis felicitaciones a ella. Espero llegar a su casa justo cuando estén repartiendo el pastel, ja,ja,ja,ja, 😀


  5. […] I am in Santa Cruz; I came to pick up my sister and friend Vicky Segovia. She came primarily invited to be the speaker for the annual Ladies’ retreat […]

  6. […] sister, Tutis, she is my champion today, her last day of her two-week visit. I will spend every second today […]

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