“…And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved”

This phrase is part of Acts 2:47; a familiar passage about first century church life. A pattern we should follow if we want our churches to grow in number. They were committed to learn, to care, to worship and to pray. One of the things that had great impact was sharing meals; it is still an effective way to make disciples.

Ronald was one of my brainy 4th grade students in 2001; just a pleasant and friendly kid who even till this day goes by the nickname of  “smiley”. He lived with his sweet grandmother until last year when he moved to the city of Sucre to go to College. He was never unruly and his excuse for not accepting my invitations to church on Sundays was “they are too early in the morning”.

Through the years he has been a regular guest to my table. Before, during and after a meal conversation took various directions; sometimes informal trivia, most of the time humorous chat and just recently, he started to show indication of interest in spiritual matters and church.

I was surprised to hear him say that he had accepted the Lord Jesus many times, but wasn’t sure of his salvation since he had never felt anything. I explained to him that many children have the same experience and salvation does not depend on emotions, but on the true Word of God. If he had put his trust in Christ and his finished work on the cross, his eternal salvation was a fact, period.  Since then I have seen Smiley with an even bigger smile on his face! 🙂





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  1. Andrés, sigue adelante con el esfuerzo, compromiso, paciencia que implica tener “añadidos” en la mesa de alimentos (planeados y no planeados). Fíjate que en mi caso no es tanto con el asunto de alimentos, sino con el asunto de “tareas, estudios para los exámenes” lo que ma ha dado la oportunidad tanto con las mamás de los compañeros de mi Dani principalmente como con los chicos y chicas, ellos están mirando y oyendo “nuestros valores” que están fundados en la Biblia y en Dios, el único y verdadero. Dios nos siga dando fuerzas, pacienca y sobre todo amor por las almas. TKM

  2. ¡Hermoso testimonio nos relatas Andrés, y qué hermoso sobrenombre “Smiley”. Sería hermoso que siempre me recordaran también así. Es tan hermoso como puedes dejar que Cristo brille a través de ti por medio de ese simple acto: ¡sonreir! y como dice el cantito: ¡Sonríe, Cristo te ama! Excelente manera para dibujar una sonrisa en la cara y poder seguir llevando a cabo el trabajo como el que estás haciendo.

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