One Saturday in the Night

The Saturday before classes started at the Christian School in Camiri I went to the young people’s meeting at night as usual. Right after the service three of my friends approached me with the idea of going to the barber shop to have our heads shaved. At first I responded that I would only go with them, but they insisted in my participation and I agreed on saying good-bye to my hair. We got a clipper cut style called “Butch haircut” using a #2 blade.

 Number of different things can cause hair loss and it can be traumatic. Hair is a major aspect of our appearance, a vital part of our identity and affects the way we feel about ourselves. The first time I shaved all my hair off years ago was because I had not liked the way the hairdresser had cut it. Now I had not thought about or planned it, but I needed to overcome this barrier and not to be that shallow. Henry Ford said: “If you think you can do a thing or you can’t do a thing, you’re right.” It has been fun to get all the attention with my new look in church and school and one more important aspect; taking part in someone else’s interest has made me feel connected giving me a good and positive response. Strong friendships are built by sharing significant moments.

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  1. Will pray for you as you share the love of God. What a great attitude and perspective you have… and you look so different with your shaved head!

  2. Andres,

    The shaved haircut looks good to me. Very Cool. When I was a teenager in high school, I got a butch haircut each summer because I played baseball, and it was the thing to do by all ball players. One summer just for fun, myself & 2 of my teammates, got mohawk haircuts. Our parents were not too happy, but we were the talk of the league. We all went to church together too, and we had our pictures taken, and someone posted them on the church bulletin board. Those teammates and I are still close friends (that was almost 50 years ago), and people still talk about the goofy young guys with the mohawk haircuts.

    Pretty funny stuff.

    Stay well,
    Steve Barclay

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