One Saturday in the Morning

The Saturday before classes started at the Christian School in Camiri  I went biking with some of my little friends who also enjoy riding their bicycle. Since I got this mean of transport I have had the opportunity to spend time with people I was not very well-acquainted. Somehow having similar interests makes it easy to get together. Relationships benefit from pursuing the same goals ,liking the same activity, having gusto for the same hobby.

We made plans for Saturday morning and at daybreak it was raining. We put a brave face on it and went on schedule with our intention to go to the nearby village of Chorety through an alternative dirt road along the river bank. Sometimes bad weather is just a mindset. It is said that bad weather always looks worse through a window; so the best thing you can do is play in the rain and mudholes!

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  1. Dear Andres: Amen to value of establishing rapport in common interests like cycling. I enjoyed photos you sent on your bicycle trip.
    Warmly in Christ,
    Ray Lenzsch

  2. I tried to forward your post but it wouldn’t go.
    Sorry. Was going to send it to a friend so that he would be encouraged to carry on when the weather was against the meetings, etc. They’ve had some bad snow in London this winter.


  3. Andres…
    what fun it would be to walk into your classroom un-announced!
    Yes, I can still remember the school, your classroom, and all of the kids singing to us. How privileged your students are to have you as their role model!

    all is well here –

  4. ¡Muy bien para hacer “piernas”, que buena falta me hace para bajar “la barriga”, ja,ja,ja, 😀
    Me alegro que te alegres con aquellos que comparten tus gustos. Es hermoso tener este tipo de amigos.

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