The janitor that worked for the Christian School for the past fifteen years has recently resigned of her position. We see the Lord’s hand in this and it is good for the school. Without going into details; it is sad to say that it hasn’t been a pleasant experience.

After months of praying and looking for the “right” person, this week the vacancy has been filled.

For our church, which meets in school grounds, being without janitor also was a valuable experience and an important lesson as some of us had to be part of an informal volunteer cleaning personnel.

Here is an excerpt of a devotional from Our Daily Bread: “Pleasing God doesn’t mean we must busy ourselves with a new set of ‘spiritual’ activities. As the Puritans said, whether cleaning house or preaching sermons, shoeing horses or translating the Bible, any human activity may constitute an offering to God…We need faith and the mind of the Lord Jesus to recognize something of lasting value in even our most ordinary tasks.

Rev. G. Campbell Morgan described the Christian life as “the way of plodding perseverance in the doing of apparently small things.”

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  1. Andres,

    May God bless the children, the staff, the school, and you, as you begin the school year ahead. I will pray for you daily.
    I hope the registrations have been good, and that all grades can be accommodated K thru high school.
    Were you able to provide Gabe a picture of the plaque dedicated in the memory of my aunt & uncle for their donation last year. If it hasn’t been done yet, could you send a digital picture to me ? I would like to present it to my cousin who actually made the donation in their memory.

    Stay well my friend,
    Steve Barclay
    RBCPC – San Diego

  2. Me encanta recordar que de los ojos de Dios NO me puedo esconder y eso incluye que el mira lo que hacemos y que el mundo llama “pequeñas cosas, insignificante trabajo etc” tal como limpiar, ser atentos saludando a todos.
    También estoy en el equipo de limpieza de Dos Caminos 🙂
    Dios te bendiga en este nuevo ciclo escolar que comenzarás, nuevas almas con las que convivirás a diario e impactarás. “El da fuerzas al que no tiene ninguna”
    Te quiero mucho siempre, Tutis

  3. I enjoyed your thoughts (quotes) in this blog, Andres. May God continue to encourage all of you there.


  4. Mi querido Andrés, que siempre tengamos “corazón de siervos” y que nunca veamos nada sencillo o pequeño para no realizarlo pensando en que Él nos está mirando y aprobando la actitud de nuestro corazón.
    Saludos fraternos.

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