Yanaigua, The Mission

J. Herschel Dunn arrived to Bolivia and followed a group of young men from the Ayoreo tribe and with one determined heart spent the following year with these men and their clan. People back in town began to think that he had probably been killed by those savages. He managed to learn to speak their language. Later on, he started his search for a more uncontacted group of Ayoreos in Yanaigua and vicinity. He made several trips with no success. One day, He wanted two of his young boys to go with him, so his wife Eida suggested to take also someone along to help; Herschel took a friend of his, an old man. He was driving when he saw a good numbers of “Ayoreos” drinking water from a murky watering hole in the road. When they heard the car engine noise, all men disappeared into the bushes except for one who was deaf and kept on drinking inadvertently of the strange visitors. While Herschel got out of the car to approach this man; the chief was peeking and concluded that they could listen to what this man was trying to say, for if he had wanted to come to declare war, he had not brought his children and an old man along with him (Ayoreos leave women, children and the aged behind when going to fight and kill).  Thus this first encounter was the beginning of the “Yanaigua Mission” where he, his wife and children would live, coexist, labor and shared the Gospel for about 20 years with this tribe; one of the multiple ethnic groups in Bolivia.

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