Yanaigua, Cuisine and Recreation

The two most asked questions at my return were: WHAT DO YOU EAT IN YANAIGUA? and WHAT DO YOU DO IN YANAIGUA?

For me, as a guest, Yanaigua meant a place for adventure and relaxation, but for the Dunn family and the people who live there, it means hard work. Much of what is done in Yanaigua is in correlation to what you eat; for instance, if you want honey, you need to find a beehive and get it. It is an all-morning task from the moment you start the search, till you get back with your acquisition and hopefully without bee stings!

My new taste and samples of the wild consisted of deer, armadillo and doves. My personal provisions from the “civilized” world included: tuna fish cans, frozen beef, marshmallows, ham, mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce, cake mix, flavored drink mix, and sausages.

I did overexposure my skin to the searing sun of the Chaco as most days reached 100ºF and used the water tank as swimming pool. Fun and Refreshing!

I had a remarkable week thanks to my two young hosts and tour guides, my students and friends, Kenny (15) and Johnny Dunn (10) who kept me busy following their riding and galloping pace, climbing trees, discovering, teaching me new experiences and vocabulary and giving me new tastes, flavors, smells and unforgettable events.

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