Yanaigua, Flora and Fauna

There are different forms of deserts; El Chaco in Bolivia is one of them with scarce amount of vegetation. Cactus, as the most common type of plant found in all deserts of the world, covers this region in all shape variations.

I like cactuses, but most of the landscape in Yanaigua is composed of thorny bushes which serves as a protecting fence to the fauna. And there are widely spread trees with little or no leaves.

The animal kingdom of this habitat must survive hostile environment, intense heat, and seasons with lack of water. The most dangerous ones and  fortunately the hardest ones to find in the area are: Pumas, Jaguars, wild boars (pigs), snakes and tarantulas. The most common to see and easy to find are: Urina (Gray-brocket deer), Corechi (armadillo), Torcazas (pared doves) and chaicitas (little pigeons). Hunting is done for food supply more than for sport. Ranchers raise cattle, sheep and horses. They own many dogs, but they are not merely pets; they are sheepdogs or hunting dogs. And of course, there always are the most annoying ones: mosquitoes, flies and different types of ticks.

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  1. Hi Andres,

    Yanaigua is rough country but it sure has a very unique beauty to it.

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