19º5’0″ South, 62º25’0″ West are the geographical coordinates of a place called Yanaigua located in the Gran Chaco plains of Bolivia; a hot, semi-arid region, sparsely populated. In years past it used to be the hunting land of the Ayoreo tribe; people who have now sold their properties to ranchers and moved to the city or to another location.

I am going to this not too far and yet remote place out in the middle of nowhere as the guest of the Dunn family. I am looking forward to hearing from Johnny Dunn, the son of the late pioneer missionary to the Ayoreos, James Herschel Dunn, the stories of this isolated community and his efforts to bring the gospel.

St. Augustine said: “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”  My excitement to go to Yanaigua is not because is the number one vacation resort; in reality it might be rough and challenging, but it is, without doubt, one more page to read in the one big “book” that God wrote!

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  1. Dear Andres,

    How exciting you get to go to Yanaigua! I went there as a young girl and I still remember! 🙂 The men all went out wild pig hunting … and the women went out deer hunting! Guess who came home with the game 🙂 … yes, one of the ladies shot a deer! It was quite an experience! 🙂 Actually, the thing that stuck with me was how “dumb” I was out there in the sticks … and how smart those Ayores were! I was the illiterate one!!!

    The Dunns have been special friends. Johnny Dunn did so much for us … always willing to fix our trucks! We appreciate him! Please pass on our saludos!

    And have a quiet … relaxing vacation!!!

    Carolyn (for all of us!)

  2. God bless your interesting vacation


  3. I wish you a wonderful week! (I loved, by the way, the “world is a book” quote. 🙂

  4. Dear Andres:

    Merry Christmas from the OM base in Haifa, Israel. I wish you a happy holiday for that week in the bush.

  5. Enjoy your vacation, it sounds pretty exciting and we will be anxious to hear how it turns out for you.
    Love the Possings

  6. Andrés, deseando que tus vacaciones estén siendo divertidas y para que cuando llegues a la vejéz puedas contar tantas historias como las del “abo”, que tus sobrinos se quedan boquiabiertos cada vez que cuenta de cuando él anduvo cazando, pescando y no se cansan de decir: “otra vez cuéntanos una historia”. Efectivamente, el mundo con sus paisajes son como un libro. TKM

  7. ¡Qué lindas vacaciones! ¡Das envidias!,ja,ja,ja, 😀
    Un saludote grandotote.

  8. Cool…have fun, Andres!

  9. Deseándote una feliz navidad y un excelente año 2011 en Cristo.
    Con cariño.

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