Someone has said that “the best reason for having dreams is that in dreams no reasons are necessary”, but I as dream of remodeling the Christian School building, many reasons come to my mind. The number one reason I would like to share in here is the need to increase the number of our student body. Would a new and modern infrastructure bring the desired and needed number of students for proper functioning? I think the answer is found in a private and expensive Catholic school in town with a Nun Principal who on the first day of classes announces that everyone is welcome, reads the rules and openly invites anyone who doesn’t like her rules to go and find another school and 500 students wish to stay and she has to decline many requests.

While I admit the beauty of working with 8 pupils in my 4th grade class this year, I also recognize the school’s urgent demand every month “to make ends meet”.

In Judaism many physical actions are called kadosh (holy) and I dream that our pursuit of betterment, improvement and furtherance may be granted by our God as they are directed towards a higher end: to bring glory to his name as we proclaim his Praises and Good News!

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  1. Andrés, la esperanza es buena y Dios la menciona en Su palabra. No solo debemos orar por ese cambio (lejos de compararse con la escuela católica) sino que al incrementar el número de estudiantes AMPLIAN el número de a quienes día con día les darían biblia (la fe viene por oir). Dios me ayude a ser parte de ese deseo, plan no solo orando pero ofrendando. tkm

  2. Andres,

    Dream big my friend, and remember, throughout scripture there are many references to dreams (Jacob’s Ladder for instance) Also, many, many projects began as dreams. Combine your dreams wirth prayers, and see what God has planned for Escuela Christiana Camirimi.

    God Bless

  3. Hello Andres!
    How are you? I don’t suppose you are always dreaming!
    Are others of the staff also dreaming about expanding the school, or building something new?

    Guess there needs to be prayer about it all and about what the Lord’s will and purposes are.
    “Why do we have a school here at all?”

    Lots of good reasons could be suggested, but what was the origin and purpose in the beginning? (Historical). And is that still valid?

    Tell us more as you and others think things through.

  4. Me alegro por ti, Andrés. Quiera el Señor bendecirles de la manera en que desean.
    Un fuerte abrazo.

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  6. […] It is amazing the things that can happen in life ALL OF A SUDDEN. Four years ago I wrote “Dreaming” which it’s about renovating the 58-year-old school building. By the beginning of this […]

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