Winter Break 2010

Our two-week winter break has turned out to be a month due to the cold freezing weather. When visitors from the northern hemisphere have come and found out that Camiri’s winter low temperature is between 32º-41º F, they think is “nothing” compared to the wintertime up north of the continent. Most people picture south America as hot jungle and tropical forest. Bolivia has majestic high mountains, moist valleys and dry plains. Camiri, at an altitude of 2,430 feet above sea level (740 msnm) is part of what is known as “El Chaco”, a desert-like hot and semi-arid region and very cold during winter.                    Imagine what is to have this temperature in your bedroom, SHOWER!, classroom, workplace and church. One thing we don’t need is joysticks coat hangers, for not matter where you are, you won’t want to take your coat, jacket or sweater off!

Keeping warm in open-air services

Camiri, winter of 2010

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  1. Hace dos años tomé una foto de esas montañas y no estaban nevadas! pero se ven majestuosas,toque de la personalidad de nuestro Dios ¿no es así? La creación manifiesta la Gloria de Dios.

  2. ¡Qué cambios te dio Dios mi estimado Andrés! Te hizo pasar del nivel del mar a tan grande altura. ¡Wow! Sé que disfrutas todo. Especialmente las grandezas de Dios manifestadas en las montañas nevadas.

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