Let’s go to the Mall

If you want to buy groceries, go shopping or do any kind of errands in Camiri; every person you ask, would respond with the same directions that would finally take you to one block: the market, or what I call, the Mall of Camiri. In one block and perimeter you can find: all kinds of food, restaurants, fast food snacks, bakeries, cloths, drugstore, Pet shops, beauty parlors, barber shops, house appliances, linens, electronic items, furniture, etc. But let’s stop the talking, make your shopping list and let me walk you around:

Park here and let’s go shopping, ATM?  No problem! and don’t forget to always bargain!


Some Spanish Shopping Vocabulary

  • comprar …? — Where can I buy …?
  • Son muy bonitos. Son muy bonitas. — They’re very pretty. (Bonitos is used to refer to things with a masculine name, bonitas if the name is feminine.)
  • la caja; el cajero, la cajera — cash register or place where payments are made; cashier
  • de buena calidad — good quality
  • de mala calidad — poor quality
  • caro, cara — expensive
  • gracias, muchas gracias, mil gracias — thank you, thank you very much
  • descuenta — discount
  • grande — large
  • ¿Hay garantía? — Is there a guarantee?
  • ¿Hay …? — Are there …? Do you have …?
  • ¿Hay … en otros colores? ¿Hay … en otras tallas? — Do you have … in other colors? Do you have … in other sizes?
  • Mediano, mediana — medium (in size)
  • No lo quiero. No los quiero. No la quiero. No las quiero. — I don’t want it. (Lo and los are used to refer to things with a masculine name, la and las for things with a feminine name.)
  • Quiero …, por favor. — I want …, please.
  • Quisiera probarlo, por favor. — I would like to try it (on), please.
  • Quisiera …, por favor. — I would like …, please.
  • en oferta, en oferta especial — on sale
  • Voy a pensarlo. — I’ll think about it.
  • pequeño, pequeña — small
  • por favor — please
  • rebaja — price reduction
  • de rebajas — on sale, at a discount
  • Sólo quería mirar. — I’m only looking.
  • tarjeta de crédito; ¿Se aceptan tarjetas de crédito? — credit card; Are credit cards accepted?
  • vender, vendedor — to sell, seller
  • en venta, a la venta — for sale, on sale
  • Vuelvo pronto. Vuelvo más tarde. — I’ll come back soon. I’ll come back later.
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    1. Gracias Andrés, por compartirnos un poco de lo que es ahora tu tierra adoptiva.

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