My Mother’s Face

Mother’s Day has different dates in different parts of the world;  beginning in February with Norway and Israel and ending in December with Indonesia. Many countries have it in the month of May. In the USA it’s on the second Sunday, in Mexico it’s always on the 10th and in Bolivia it’s on the 27th. We, at the Christian School, have started a frenzy of preparations for one the big events of the year,  our Mother’s Day evening program. Someone recently asked me why we go through all that work for mothers, but on Father’s Day the program is very simple. My quick response was that it must be that we all want to show appreciation for the fact that mothers have to endure nine months of all what it takes to be pregnant and the pain and discomfort of childbirth. It all got me thinking about my mother and the whys I love her; I am proud of her and thankful to her.  I could write millions reasons, but today it is this one: The expression on her face in this picture:

I see joy, contentment, serenity, peace and warmth. Of course she has my dad and sister next to her, but she also has me in her womb and I selfishly like to think I am one of the reasons she has that look of well-being and fulfillment on her face. I am sure she is transmitting all those feelings to me while I am developing and growing by receiving nutrients and oxigen from her through the umbilical cord.

I personally think my mom is pretty and has gotten prettier through the years.  I love her all, but in this picture I love my mother’s face.

“As water reflects a face, so a man’s heart reflects the man.”  Prov.27:19

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  1. A very nice tribute. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Andres –
    enjoyed this blog on your mom. So often so little thanks/praise is given to moms!

    I have just finished an olive wood burl bowl box (has lid) on lathe for wife of the retiring President of Wheaton College. It is easy to give the president praise – he is highly visible. But this is for presentation to her….for I am sure she has enabled his life of effective ministry to happen.


  3. ¡Qué lindo homenaje para tu mami mi querido Andrés. Estoy segura que si lo lee, ¡va a llorar! Creo que no habría madre que no lo hiciera al ver que su vástago le dirige tan tiernas palabras. Goza a tu mami, mientras Dios te la concede.

  4. Querido hijito: acabo de leer lo que escribes y espero que siempre puedas ver en mi rostro esa paz, gozo que debo tener primeramente por tener a Cristo, a tu papá, a ustedes y ahora a mis nietos y yerno.
    Te ama como siempre, desde que estuviste en mi vientre,

    (ella me lo dictó). TKM tutis

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