His name’s initials are CBCV. We call each other “Pana” (Puerto Rican and Dominican way to say “Pal”). He is only 18 years old and I will have to skip many details of his life in order to make this long story, short. Here is a telegraphic review: His mother has been in Europe many years earning Euros and thus bringing a series of consequences: living as a young dandy man with grandmother who is occupied with her business, an indifferent father who is being untrue to his wedding vows and an arrogant older brother who just this past weekend got drunk and into a fight stabbing his opponent with a kitchen knife. It’s this last sad incident that brought my “pana” to the young people’s meeting last Saturday to talk with me and poured out his heart. He feels alone and the hollowness of his family’s materialistic pursuit . He is crying out, he is seeking for meaning and purpose in life . He is looking for “something more”; he is in need and knows it. He is also scared and worried about his family. God is searching and reaching out to his aching heart. Will he respond to God’s loving call? Time will tell and I hope one day soon to be writing his disclose testimony in here.

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  1. I’ll be praying for him. May God turn his life around and give him the hope and life and peace that only Christ gives!

  2. ¡Wow! Si que es triste la historia de tu amigo “Panda”. Nuestra oración será para que pronto venga a los pies de Cristo y encuentre la paz y el amor que sólo Él puede dar.
    Seguimos esperando y leyéndote y orando por Panda.
    Un saludo afectuoso.

  3. Oramos por el y su familia,Andrés Dios continúa haciendo milagros como abrió el mar rojo, como alimentar a tantos con tan poco que tenían, etc etc Dios es poderoso. Oraremos por el y su familia y por ti para que Dios te dé sabiduría, paciencia, amor de Dios para guiarlo, escucharlo y decirle palabras justo al momento oportuno. “Anda delante de mí y sé perfecto”, Dios te ayude hoy y siempre. Tu hermana que te quiere mucho.

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