Bizarre Combination

Bizarre combination of activities last weekend: Resurrection Day and Election Day in Bolivia at the same time.

We celebrated Good Friday with a one-hour night program divided in three sections: The first Passover (from the book of Exodus), Disciples’ feet washed and Last Supper (drama) and The new Covenant (from the book of Hebrews).  The ensemble ended each segment with two song themes related to the points of the sermon. This presentation was prepared in 3 1/2 days!

After months of noisy campaigns and propaganda with loud music from the different political parties, finally last Sunday people went to the dispersed polling places in the city. It was my first time voting in this country. I did not want to get involved, but I had to do it by a new law for foreigners living for a long period of time here. 

Mr. and Mrs. Train, founders of the Christian School, came to fulfill their duty. Their respect for the law and authorities is well known, an example and a testimony for believers and unbelievers. Their presence and participation quietly encouraged me that morning.

After voting; I had a nice Easter Sunday Dinner at my place with the participants of the ensemble rejoicing over serving a Risen Savior!

Let every man and woman count himself immortal. Let him catch the revelation of Jesus in his resurrection. Let him say not merely ‘Christ is Risen,’  but ‘I shall rise.”- Phillips Brooks

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  1. que sorpresa que votaste pero que lindo saber que participaste no solo orando por la nación sino haciendo saber (aunque los gobiernos a veces ignoran el voto del pueblo)tu voto respecto a quien debe gobernar la nación. Nosotros sabemos que los gobernantes son puestos por Dios, oremos por ellos y seamos personas de ejemplo a las naciones con nuestra conducta total.

    un abrazo y beso de tu hermana quien te extraña.

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