some Nameless, some Striking


Being an introvert myself, that is, having the tendency to be reserved, little outgoing and sociable; preferring a book than a conversation; being overwhelmed by big social gatherings and never getting bored when I’m by myself; I sympathize with kids who demonstrate this same personality trait.

The spectrum of students that we get at school is interesting for case study, but more important and significant is that we, educators, know how to get through and reach each one of them with their unique makeup temperament. 

We live in a world of opposites: day and night, sun and moon, hot and cold, salt and sugar, black and white, rich and poor, right and wrong, truth and false, good and evil, man and woman, introverts and extroverts. Many of these will remain for eternity, others will come to an end. In the meantime, we shouldn’t be antagonist towards those who are on the “other side” of our kind; sometimes these differences can create disagreements, inconveniences, exasperation or headaches in general. We all have our rough edges in our character to work on, but think what would the talkative tongue do without the listening ear? And what would it be of a party without the vitality of the socializer?

I am very thankful for my right and left hands! I thank God for the world of contrasts; a magnetic world where opposites attract and make life interesting and rich.



“To wish you were  someone else is to waste the person you are”

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  1. Me gustó tu post Andrés. Es cierto lo que dices, y creo que esto es algo que luego olvidamos, cuando tratamos de que todos sean iguales a nosotros, especialmente a los que somos extrovertidos, je,je. Mucho que aprender del Señor ¡sigh!
    Adelante en tu labor docente querido hermano y sigue sembrando para la eternidad.

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