Leonardo, A.K.A. “Cheo” was registered in our school with the main purpose to socialize and interact with children who are growing, developing and learning in a healthy normal way. He has some degree of MR/ID and goes to a school in the afternoons with qualified professionals  in “special needs” education. He initially went to be part of the first grade class; but not sooner than later he was creating problems with his behavior that seemed too aggressive and threatening to the little ones. Teacher and parents expressed their concerns and asked us to withdraw him from that age group. Being in charge of the Elementary School this situation came to me. I had a dilemma: Telling his parents we were unable to help him or keep him with us, but with me in my classroom. In a few minutes I had to take a decision and with a quick prayer to the One who made us all and love the little children I opted for the second choice.

His mother, an alumna of the Christian School,  has some knowledge of the Word of God. I already had the opportunity to talk to her and reminded her of “Who makes the dumb, or deaf, or the seeing, or the blind?” (Ex.4:11) and of the man born blind to display God’s glory (John 9). She shed tears.

Cheo, a special student in my class this year …uninvited…unwanted…undesired, but surely loved by Jesus. I recognized that I don’t have the training required to deal with such children, but I am willing to give my best shot.

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  1. Andres,

    May God bless you for taking this little guy into your classroom and into your heart. I will pray that God gives you special wisdom and discernment in how to best help him, and that He will grant you an extra measure of patience.

  2. Andrés, Dios puso Su corazón en el tuyo y te guió en aquél momento en que oraste rapidito para saber qué hacer…seguramente Cheo será bendecido y tu también serás ese canal de Dios para Cheo. Oraremos por tí especialmente por ese tiempo que Cheo estará en tu clase. Dios lo trajo hasta a tí. Estamos contigo tras bambalinas, orando contigo y por tí. Di a Cheo que tu familia en Mexico oramos por el para que aprenda lo que tiene que aprender, pero sobre todo, oramos la salvación eterna llegue a su corazón. tkm

  3. Andres,

    I was truly moved by this story. I will pray for you and Cheo, as you take this walk together. Please tell him he has a big friend, who he has never seen, but will be thinking of him – a LOT. You can also tell him, it’s the same as having Jesus as your friend. Cheo can’t see me, but I’m real, and even though you don’t actually see Jesus, he is real, and he loves you, and you can talk to him – in prayer.

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