Jhowan- “Mr. Camiri”

It is hard to believe that a sweet little boy one day grows and loses all innocence. Not matter how much, at times, we wish children might remain children; it is an absurd, useless and incongruous desire. We all grow, get older and in one degree or another, lose that special trait of innocence.

Jhowan became a good-looking young man and his hobby is weightlifting. Although his classmates got into drinking and smoking; he stayed away from those bad habits. His weak side was “girls”  and what can you do when you got the looks of a young Hercules?

What I didn’t know was that deep inside this Camiri version of “Don Juan” was feeling unsatisfied with his badboy-seducing lifestyle; but without Christ, he had no inner power to say “no”.  One night during an all-night bonfire in my house, he casually asked many questions about spiritual matters. The Holy Spirit worked in his heart and realized that Christ was what he needed to be able to change. As promised in the Word, He is now, by a miracle of Grace, a new creation! He recently gave his testimony in a camp and when asked what verse most often comes to his mind, he responded:

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Phil. 4:13.  

 He has found new strength!


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  1. That is a very encouraging story Andres! He really turned around then, and the fact that he was at camp, and sharing his story is definitely one of Grace. It reminds me of Augustine, who struggled to combat his conscience and was always loosing to lust. But God have him grace (he is justly called “Dr. Grace”) and he preached tirelessly that the only was to heaven was through faith alone in Christ. He knew he was helpless to overcome, but Christ worked in his life to save him. Time and time again the Holy Spirit works and changes lives, praise God.

  2. ¡Cómo me animó leer sobre Jhowan! El es nueva criatura y encontró nueva fuerza para sus luchas y yo soy nueva criatura desde hace mas de 25 años! pero hoy, ese versículo ilumina mi día para encarar mis debilidades de caracter con ESA fuerza que solo Dios pueda dar. Da un abrazo a Jhowan de nuestra parte y dile cuan felices estamos de ser familia de el en Cristo. Dios continúe usando tus medios, tu vida para traer a esos chicos a la salvación.Oramos por tí.

  3. Gracias,Andrés, por compartir esta historia tan cierta de Mr-músculo Camiri, pero más gusto me da el saber que pertenece a la gran familia de Dios. Esto creo, es el mejor bien que él puede tener.
    Saludos para él y para ti un fuerte abrazo.

  4. Jhowan got baptized March 7th, 2011

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