Carnival Retreat

The Camiri church has an annual retreat during the days of “Carnival” and it is called “Carnival retreat” but it is far from the name it bears. Carnival is a period of  merrymaking before lent.  A feasting to the flesh in excess. People give vent to the pleasures of the flesh with almost no restriction and they say they’re having fun. Parents usually let their children take part since they subsequently will purge or acquit their sins during the 40 days from Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday. They will fast and do penitence and be ready for all the customary rites of Easter.

Our retreat is a spiritual haven. We have solid teaching from the Word of God and music that worships the Lord. Our fun times consist of lots of sports, lots of group games, lots of team building activities, etc.

We had 85 participants. 64% were students from the “Christian School”, many of them non-believers.  Some of them had planned to stay only two days, but after they discovered that it was not boring at all and savored real merriment, decided to stay for the rest of the retreat. Others did leave.

I had “hands-off” in this event. My only participation was my presence. I observed the activities, pondered the many lessons I have to learn, had sweet fellowship with campers and quietly lifted up prayers for salvation and edification through the power of the Holy Spirit. How true and right it is that the young man keeps his way pure by taking heed of the Word of God!



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  1. ¡Hola,Andrés! Me da gusto que hayan celebrado este retiro por parte de la escuela. Es lindo observar a todos estos jóvenes y estar separado del bullicio y poder crecer juntos en su Palabra. Para los que no creen, esto se les puede parecer aburrido hasta que no constatan la verdad de la verdadera felicidad en Cristo.Me alegro por ustedes.

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