Betty Harris

August 5, 1957–February 3, 2010

Why are we attracted to some people more than others?… What makes a person likeable?… Popular?… Why do we remember the names and faces of some and not others?… Whatever the many answers that could be given; I bet Betty Harris compiled them all.  Born in Mexico from missionaries Ronald and Dorothy Harris and a descendant of a long missionary ancestry from England; went to schools in Tehuacan, Puebla and received her Nursing degree in Mexico City.

I first met Betty at camp; it must had been around the late 70s and early 80s when she was in her 20s, young, dynamic,  full of life, fond of games,  music, good jokes and a good laugh; always with a positive attitude.   

She attended Emmaus Bible School in Oak Park, IL and brought a Summer Missionary Team with her to Mexico. These young people made a great impression on me.

Emmaus Team

During those years Betty and my cousin Guillermo Lagunes became good friends, exchanged many letters and one day,after her year at Emmaus, on a New Year’s Eve family dinner, they announced their engagement. They have two most precious children: Melody Elisa and Michel Eduardo.

Sometimes what it seems a trifling matter  in reality is an important link in the chain of events that transforms and touches our lives for eternity. As I went  over to their home to practice reading and speaking English, Betty suggested me to consider attending Emmaus Bible College as my first year in the States before going to any other university.  Today I ask myself what it would have been of my life without my Emmaus experience!

Betty has gone to the place prepared for her by the Lord, Savior and lover of our souls, Jesuschrist, after years, months and painful days of battling with cancer. We have lost her, but she has won; and the impact of a life lived for God’s glory will continue to yield a harvest in the lives of all of us who had the honor of knowing her. Her womanhood, motherhood, christianity, faith, devotion, friendship, sensibility and love for the Lord remain with us as a challenge to follow her example.

Birthday party with family and friends

Christmas 2008; last time I saw Betty

My sister, my cousin and my mom with Betty



Have Fun Betty!

Rejoice free from your pain!

Receive your “well done”

Share your Master’s happiness!

Celebrate till we also get there!


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  1. Beautiful! You have touched my heart.

  2. Me has hecho lagrimear al recordar querido hermanito. Gracias por las fotos. Es lindo recordar.

  3. ¡Ay,Andrés! He puesto equivocadas las palabras. Era: “Me has hecho lagrimear al recordar…” I’m sorry dear friend. Esto es lo maravilloso de la amistad: “amarse tal como se es”
    Te sigo leyendo.

  4. Me encanta ver el rostro sonriente de Bety y aunque a veces la ví no sonreir por el dolor que vivió, pude ver su fe en Dios, oir su canto de esperanza y sus consejos para mi vida.Hermoso escribes sobre Betty, una amiga,una prima y hermana que Dios me permitió tener en mi peregrinar.

  5. thx for the writting ! she was an awesome woman ! there’s so much in my heart and mind right now … love you very much uncle Andy ! big hug !

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