CleVeR, my brother

Friends can be close, have many things in common and even be “like brothers”, but being someone’s brother (sister) in Christ means being bond by the love of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. It is unbreakable, solid and everlasting. The only way to get into this connection is asking God to forgive our sins by the blood shed on the cross by His Son Jesus. He, God, will adopt us as his own children and make us co-heirs with Christ.

Clever was having a spiritual battle; as he went to mass and to perform his catholic duties, he would argue with the nun in catechism class and would not practice confession to the priest. At the same time, he told me he would always be a catholic. I informed him that I wasn’t interested in converting him to my “religion”, but that I would be at peace if he would assure me that when he die, he would go to heaven. He honestly responded he couldn’t.   About that time his older brother Franco experienced salvation and a drastic change took place in his life. This made an impact on him. One day when he was feeling the void of  his slight, but subjugated drinking lifestyle, heard Christian music coming from his brothers’ room, paid attention to the words and felt the need of the Savior. His favorite verse is: “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith- and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.” Ephesians 2:8.   

I have learned that salvation is a miracle of power and love that brings us to many blessings, most importantly, it’s all about relationships; with God and others. I was happy to have had Clever as a student, to enjoy him as a friend, but to call him “my brother in Christ” has no parallel. We meet once a week specifically for Bible study. In some way he is Clever, my student AGAIN.

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  1. Ephesians 2:8-9 are incredibly powerful verses! It changed Luther’s life and it has convicted many, many Catholics.
    Salvation is a such a gift, a mystery also, and we can thank God for it. I have actually been thinking about Salvation quite a bit lately, how to share it, what it means, and how it changes people.
    The most crucial thing about Salvation is, that when the Holy Spirit takes over our lives there is a transformation that must occur in an outward way. It is how John and James said you could tell if you were saved–if you showed it by your love and your works.
    Keep up the good work Andres of sharing the Gospel in a lifestyle way, it is the most effective, and you have changed the lives of many through the working of the Holy Spirit.

  2. Que gozo siento al leer sobre Clever tu estudiante, amigo y hermano porque me anima a continuar hablando sin palabras a las mamás de los compañeros de mis hijos, la conducta dice más que muchas predicaciones y palabras y es efectivísimo y entonces hablar justo en el momento oportuno. Sigue hacia adelante que tu trabajo para el Señor NO es en vano.

  3. Pero qué gusto me da leer este post. No cabe duda que debemos de seguir insistiendo a tiempo y fuera de tiempo.
    El Señor ha premiado tu perseverancia, pero sabemos que el trabajo sólo ha iniciado.
    Qué mejor que regar esa floreciente semillita con oraciones.
    Un abrazo afectuoso.

  4. […] the course, The compass for the young Christian”. Clever Moron, my student, friend and brother in Christ gave 4 messages about why and how any Christian should walked by the path marked by God. […]

  5. […] vocation” she affirms with very expressive eyes. Her three older brothers (Franco – Clever – Andres) were of great influence to make a decision for Christ when she was around 11 years […]

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