CleVeR, my friend

His full name is Clever Moron Flores.

Clever=Mentally bright, quick and original.

Morón=Of mild mental retardation.

Flores=Flowers, part of a plant that grows at the end of a stem and only survives a short time.

Therefore, he is a “Bright retarded living organism”   🙂

Rainbows are made of rain and sunshine. Friendship has its rainny and sunny moments as well; the combination of both make its light split into a colorful arch in the sky. That’s the beauty and magnetism of friendship. Not everything is bright. The clouds and rainfall add to its charm.

head down, having a little whim

It is nice to go beyond the student-teacher relationship and share a friendship with a pupil. He was growing and conversations became more meaningful, but it also meant he was getting more temptations, for the most part, to drink.  We spent a lot of time together in different activities: soccer, meals, homework…The Christian School is all about sharing the Good News, how is it that our students don’t get the message? I continued praying for my student and friend.

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  1. Epero que ahora sí entre mi comentario.
    Me encantó la amistad que has desarrollado con este chico. Muy bien mi amigo, eres un buen ejemplo para seguir. Saludos a Clever.

  2. Persevera y ten ánimo. El mensaje de amor de Dios para salvación les llega en algún momento. Continua haciendo lo que haces. Te queremos mucho, tu familia.

  3. Hola Andres realmente quiero agradecerte por escribir sobre mi y dar un pequeño testimonio de lo que fui y el como fui creciendo realmente no c ingles pero lo poco que entendi y por las imagenes gracias andres, vos me ayudaste muchismo para tomar la desicion de seguir a Cristo y tambien ahora que estudiamos la palabra de Dios juntos me siento muy agradecido.

  4. […] “Marking the course, The compass for the young Christian”. Clever Moron, my student, friend and brother in Christ gave 4 messages about why and how any Christian should walked by the path […]

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