CleVeR, my student

Totally unaware that two little eyes were observing me when I disciplined one of my students, Clever who was in third grade, was watching. He went home and asked his mom to be transferred to another school. His brother Franco, who had already been my student two years before, explained to him that everything would be fine as long as he be a well-behaved boy. In 2001 Clever came to be part of my 4th grade class. A few days after the beginning of the school year his mother came to tell me of the incident and how he was afraid of me. I asked her to give me some time and promised her that things would change. I made my goal to get close to him, but it was not easy. I encountered a complex personality. He was quiet and in some cases demonstrated extreme shyness; at the same time he was witty, a pleasant fellow with a stubborn mind; gentle, analytic and above all, well-behaved.

Soccer was a key factor to be able to spend time with him. He and his classmates became my favorite sport players in school (Los Patachuecas) and I went to see and support every one of their matches and also played with them many hours during and after school schedule.

In the subsequent months and years up to 8th grade; I don’t feel making much progress in terms of friendship, but some of the memories we both now treasure are when we made a teacher/student dialogue where I played as a ventriloquist and he was my puppet and going to the river and swimming pool once each.

One thing I did all along was to pray and ask prayer for him. It eventually paid off.

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  1. Ojos que nos miran:a veces no nos percatamos de esta realidad y que las personas deducen, aprenden y emiten juicio conforme a lo que observan de nuestra manera de ser, hablar. ¡que responsabilidad! Que el Señor nos ayude a estár siempre concientes de que tenemos una gran nube de testigos alrededor a quienes les enseñamos sin palabras sino con nuestros gestos, expresiones y conducta. Gracias por recordarme ésto!
    Te quiero mucho mi hermano,

  2. […] was called “Marking the course, The compass for the young Christian”. Clever Moron, my student, friend and brother in Christ gave 4 messages about why and how any Christian should walked by the […]

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