In the Sea

storm seaJesus’ rebuke to his disciples was not for lack of faith; they had cried out to him in their hour of despair because they knew He could do something (Matt. 8:25). His reprimand was for having “little faith” and for being fearful. Not too long ago I read the common saying: “Stop telling God how big your storm is and start telling the storm how big your God is”. But I thought “What good would it make to talk to the storm? It would not recognize my voice!”  While it is nice to think that the Lord will calm every storm in life; I am learning that maybe the Lord’s purpose is to show me that his presence amidst the storm is enough, sufficient and adequate…all what I need and nothing more.

There is another storm in Acts 27. The apostle Paul perceived that it was going to be disastrous and would bring great loss to ship and cargo (v.10). Later on, he was told  that no life would be lost (v.23). And so it happened.

I know He is able to quiet the most forceful tempest and He might preserve my life, but bereavement and loss of “ship and cargo” might also be part of his plan.sailing His presence is what matters.

All sailor must remember that in the ocean anything can cause a wave and there are many kinds of them. Every minute all year long, the water is in constant movement. The level and intensity can change unexpectedly, but He has promised his presence till we get to our destination. The winds and the sea obey him, Will I obey his “fear not” command?

“Better to go through the storm with Christ than to have smooth sailing without Him.”

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  1. Just what I needed to read today. Tks!

  2. Este escrito tuyo mi querido Andrés, me hace recordar que Dios es más grande que mis problemas. No sé quién lo dijo, pero para todos aquellos que hemos convivido con el mar y conocemos la forma que se pone cuando está enfurecido, sabemos a través de Él, que nuestro Dios es más que grande.¡Omnipotente!…¡y me ama!
    Lindo post.

  3. I needed the reminder! Several times the Lord has used your blog as a reminder and an encouragement.

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