Pruning: The process

toolsPruning requires removing all dead or even some living parts. The process  must be done regularly and drastically; some experts recommend to cut off up to 90% of the plant. Paradoxically; to get more, there must be less.

The purpose is to control and give direction to the plant growth. Vines have the tendency to vigorously propagate and extend into a tangle mass of branches. Grapes vines produce their best fruit on one year-old canes. The procedure is severe, but more important, it is the best thing one can do for the plant and the end result is sure to be worth it.

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  1. Duele, pero es necesario. Gracias por el recordatorio.

  2. Si, duele, con todo mi corazón deseo que el Señor sea formado en nosotros y cuando sea tiempo de dar fruto entonces este presente dolor, solo será un recuerdo. te quiero.

  3. ¡Vaya,Andrés! Me pregunto: ¿Dejo podarme el 90%? ¡Ay! pero es tan necesario para que llevemos fruto.
    Gracias por este post.

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