Pruning: The need

vineThere was no way to omit, disregard or overpass the mandatory and needed part of pruning the vine if  I wanted to see growth and productivity. I ignorantly and foolishly tried to trick the law of nature assuming that water was the only nourishment a plant required; I constantly irrigated it. If only I would have heard the recommendations, advice and directions of people more familiar with the plant and more knowledgeable in botany; today I could be expecting a rewarding season. In my inexperience I made the plant infertile. I ended up with empty cracking canes unable to, at least, provide some shade. I could not longer turn a deaf ear or shut my eyes to reality; the result is too sad.  I inevitably had to prune.

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  1. Mi estimado Andrés, leyendo tu post, me hizo pensar en cuántas veces el Señor necesita darnos una buena poda para poder llevar más fruto, y nosotros nos quejamos ante ésto.
    Buen post hermano. Mucho para pensar.

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