Sisters “Phoebe”

Veggie Rice

Veggie Rice

Marinated Grilled Chicken

Marinated Grilled Chicken


 “…Phoebe our sister, who is a servant of the church…for indeed she has been a helper of many and myself also.” Romans 16:1-2


Green Beans Salad

Green Beans Salad

Strawberry Jell-O

Strawberry Jell-O





Last Thursday, July 23rd, was Friendship’s Day here in Bolivia and instead of inviting friends from school and church whose frequent visits I always enjoy; I decided it was time to express my gratitude and appreciation with a noon dinner to three special ladies, sisters and colleagues, who have been “sister Phoebe” to me since my first year in this country.
Gloria, Wilma and Mirtha

Gloria, Wilma and Mirtha

Phoebe means “bright and radiant” and was a servant and a helper; a description which aptly fits these women the Lord has put in my life. They are characterized by being always cheerful and happy. They are always ready to give any support I, or anyone, might need in the ministry whether be in the school, church, camp, excursions to the mountain or beach, countryside; you name it, they’re there, with a spirit to serve and to have lots of fun!
They are good friends of mine, but more important, they are sisters “Phoebe” in the church of the XXI century showing us that the role of the woman in the church is prominent, influential and vital.
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  1. That was a good thought! I trust there was a place for you at the other end of the table. And those appetizing and gorgeous-looking foods – were they on your menu that day? If you come here again, you get to be the cook!

  2. ¡CLARO QUE SI! que hermosa descripción de Gloria,Vilma y Mirta.De cada una de ellas tengo hermosos recuerdos y mis hijos también!un abrazo para ellas de mi parte y que bendición de Dios para la mujer, el poder ejercer dicho trabajo en la iglesia.
    Andrés, que sabroso se ve ese pollo, el arroz y el postre, la ensalada de ejote no se me antoja mucho, jajaa.
    Me conforta mirar como Dios te ha dado tan hermosas amigas que te rodeen en este peregrinar.

  3. Yes, that was on the menu and there was a lot of room and food. In fact, later on in the afternoon, 3 friends showed up and had their plate!

  4. Gracias Andrés, por mostrarnos a las hermanas que son tus amigas allá en Bolivia y que de muchas maneras te han ayudado a vivir en una tierra extranjera haciéndote sentir como en tu casa.
    Un saludos para ellas, y bueno, al mirar los diferentes guisos, sólo nos hiciste “relamer los bigotes” ja,ja,ja.¡Hmmmmm! Todo se me hizo apetecible.

  5. Yummy! I’m hungy now. Great idea!

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