Different but useful

Wood Electric Pole
Electric Wood Pole

The long line of electric poles went as far as the eyes could see; then I saw IT, standing out a mile among the others in the neighborhood. I was just passing by and could not resist looking at it. The differences from the others were obvious.  It was made of wood and had an extremely awkward appearance. A deformity surely caused by some rare genetic mutation or unexpected injury, who knows or wants to know. By chance I got “to hear” the comments of the rest of the group, on the whole made of straight concrete poles. It wasn’t a hot discussion; they were audible whispers, mouthfuls intended to be heard. The concrete lighting poles perceived themselves as aesthetically superior, more resistant and with extra strength. They decorated the landscape with their uniform design giving an effect of sophistication and fine taste. They were the majority and could not possibly be wrong. The wood pole had no place in there.  “Who had made this terrible mistake?” They asked.

Electric Concrete Pole
Electric Concrete Pole

The pole in question remained in silence. “He” knew its kind had been since the beginning of electrification over centuries ago. He himself was reaching its 75th year of service. The pole was aware and conscious of all; its looks, the others’ opinions and remarks and even of the versatility and benefits of the compressed concrete poles, so hard and virtually impossible to deface. They all had the proper mounting height and no fixture misalignment. 

I ventured to ask the warped pole if he wished to be like the others or be moved to another place where he would not look so different. He gave me an emphatic “no” for an answer. He explained to me that he was not even like other wood poles and that its usefulness and worth were not determined by looks or what others think. Only a lighting specialist could make that decision, so he would stay where he was,  doing what he was put in that place to do. In many ways, he said, we are all “poles apart” and need to find contentment in being different but useful.

“Our Greatest ability is Our availability”



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  1. Great! I’ve really enjoyed it! Tks for reminding me I’m just a pole…

  2. Hello Andres, I needed some encouragement to keep going and this essay provided that. Many thanks!

  3. ¡Hola,Andrés! Buenísimo tu post, ja,ja,ja,ja, muy buena foto de lo que deberíamos ser todos los hijos de Dios: ¡Diferentes pero utilizables! para la alabanza de su gloria.
    Orando por ti y tus alumnos.

  4. ¡Ups!, debí escribir: “diferentes Y utilizables”, porque si ya no soy del mundo, sin embargo estoy en él, los del “mundo” nos deberían ver “diferentes” a los hijos de Dios ¿te parece? y además, siempre deberíamos estar para que el Señor nos utilice. ¡Sigh!, sin embargo, somos pueblo rebelde ¡sigh! lo digo por mí amado amiguito. Sigue adelante, ¡siempre utilizable!¡No desistas!
    Te sigo leyendo.

  5. Andrés,recibí mucho ánimo para continuar sirviendo a mi Señor, solo puedo decir, gracias a Dios por tu vida y el ánimo que hoy he recibido al leer tu escrito.

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