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These are some of the answers that my students have given to the questions in the book of Keila Ochoa “Zoo-rprendete”. Some are good, some are funny, and some only make sense in their minds, and don’t ask me. Now getting right to the point and to the subject matter of today, here they are:

Q: When do you realize someone is truly your friend?

  • When someone helps you no matter what others think. (Katherine)
  • When they never leave us. (J. Dunn)
  • When they play with me. (Nazir)
  • When I am sick and need somebody. (Leonardo)

Q: What are the characteristics of a friend?

  • They are good, intelligent and don´t get dirty. (Carla)
  • They take care of each other. (Clemente)

Q: What is greed? What are the things that people greed the most?

  • Greed is not sharing. (Ibrahim).
  • Wanting more of what you already have. People greed for trophies. (Salomon).
  • When people want more of what you give to them. (Alan).
  • Greed is when you don´t share what you’re eating. (Diego).
  • Greed is the food that you like the most. (Clemente).
  • When people want cars, motorbikes, cell phones, etc. (Leonardo).


Q: What are the characteristics of love?

  • To be kind to her. (Katherine).
  • To be joined for ever. (Ibrahim).
  • Being kind and the best friend. (Luis David).
  • Love is falling in love. (Luis Enrique).
  • Love is never leaving her. (Diego).
  • You buy things for her. (Clemente).

Q: What are the consequences of dishonesty?

  • God is watching us and chastens us. (Ibrahim).
  • You end up in a mess. (J. Ernesto).
  • Later on you’re sorry. (Nazir).
  • You’re disgusting and revolting. (Luis Enrique).
  • Death without compassion! (Alan)
  • A fight with my brother. (Leonardo).

Q: What are the consequences of gluttony?

  • You eat a lot and get fat. (Katherine).    P1030823
  • You die. (Ibrahim).

Q: What is “Self-control”?

  • It is a sickness. (Katherine).
  • To control myself when I want to cry, breathe deep when you’re nervous. (Ibrahim).
  • Good manners, courtesy and to be punctual.
  • It means a lot. (Nazir).
  • To have riches. (Luis Enrique).
  • To have power over people. (Alan).
  • It is to control your body. (Carla).
  • To give orders. (Diego).
  • To stop eating. (Clemente).

Q: In your opinion, what is freedom?

  • To be without somebody telling you what to do. (Ibrahim).
  • To go out to the world, to be unlocked! (J. Ernesto).
  • To go on vacation. (J. Dunn).
  • It is a gift. (Johnny H.)
  • It is to be in the open air. (Luis David).
  • It is to live as I wish and like. (Salomon).
  • It is happiness. (Luis Enrique).
  • It’s like to be release from wickedness. (Leonardo).
  • It’s when I want to fly. (Sergio).

Q: Why do you need the help of others?

  • They watch our backs all day. (Katherine).
  • Sometimes I can’t do things. (Ibrahim).
  • For defense. (J. Dunn).
  • Because we’re not perfect. (Luis David).
  • Because they don’t know how to fight. (Alan).
  • That’s the way you make partners. (Diego).


Do you perceive some wisdom, some good deep thoughts and definitions? I hope these answers have made you smile and ponder. To see the faces of these 4th graders, click here.

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  1. Que respuestas! me encanta la respuesta de Luis Enrique sobre libertad: es alegría.

  2. Me encantan las respuestas y los dibujos tan lindamente iluminados. Gracias, esto significa mucho para mí.

  3. Muy interesantes y muy ciertas. 🙂

  4. Hola, que tal, pasé a visitarte pero nada de nada en el inglés, sólo lo básico. Pero dime eres maestro?.

    Bueno saludos


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