LoS pAtaChUeCaS 2


PAtAcHuECaS =  Crooked feet. My (indoor) Soccer team.

Six guys have remained in the class. They are now in their Senior year which means 12 years since they were in first grade and 8 years since they were my little superstars with the ball  in 4th grade. Last May 1st was Labor’s Day for us and they came the night before to have a bonfire at my place; we did not sleep the entire night. Early in the morning we all squeezed into the car belonging to one of them and headed to the outskirts of a mountain to go on a hike. Before we got there, we were spotted by the transit police and a woman officer asked us to get out of the car, probably thinking to find us consuming alcoholic beverages, but our only infraction was that my 16 year-old student was driving without a permit. We were all taken to the office of  the DOT where we were read from the book of urban transit regulations the cost of the fine of our infringement. It was almost $100!  Unlike other countries, the law can be negotiated in this culture and for $15  my student got a verbal permission to drive “with precaution” and off we went! We backpacked into great topography, went for a dip in the cold waters of the river where the site looked like a pond and had lunch. In our way back the car got stuck in the mud and had “to sweat bullets” to  get us out and going. It was definitely a fun day!   So many anecdotes have been accumulating in our minds through the hours, days and years together.   I wanted one more memory/reminiscence, one more activity; one I had dreamed of and had pursuited time ago, one I felt in obligation to do before they graduate from High School and that was an invitation to church.  They all agreed to come with me last May 17th. It would have been momentous if they all would have come, but only two showed up;  for them I am glad and thank the Lord.

It is a spiritual battle. I must be committed to pray for them more earnestly, regularly and passionately for their eyes to be unveiled for the light of the gospel to shine on them.  The Lord is LONGSUFFERING (patient) towards us, not willing that any should perish, but come to repentance, so I cannot, must not and should not give up. 


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  1. Glad for those two who showed up. Will keep praying.

  2. This past Sunday (May 24/09) five came to church on their own volition. Isn’t prayer powerful?
    We all had lunch together at my place afterwards.

  3. ¡Wow! Vaya que sí es poderosa la oración mi querido Andrés. Perseverar en la oración es lo que debemos de hacer.
    Un fuerte abrazo.

  4. Seguimos orando por los “pata chuecas” y me uno a tu gozo de ver venir a 5 por su propia voluntad! y oramos contigo por ellos.
    Saludales de mi parte! te quiero,

  5. ¡Hola,Andrés! El propósito de mi visita es otorgarte el “Trofeo Pedagogia duo afeto” el cual puedes ver y tomar de mi blog.
    Este trofeo me lo concedió Martha Colmenares y a su vez, debo concedérselo a otros.Por lo tanto, es mi deseo, concedértelo a ti.
    Un fuerte abrazo.

  6. Gracias Isa (Chabelita) por el trofeo! Ya vi de que se trata, muy gentil de tu parte.

  7. […] be able to spend time with him. He and his classmates became my favorite sport players in school (Los Patachuecas) and I went to see and support every one of their matches and also played with them many hours […]

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