Pablito (Paul Randall, Jr) is the grandson of pioneer missionaries from New Zealand. His family, Paul and Lithz and two younger siblings, Timmy and Davey,  opened the doors of their home when I first arrived to Bolivia; there was instant affinity and closeness among us. I spent quite few hours in their house sharing meals and considerably long conversations. I was “Tio Andres” to the kids and felt pretty much part of the family. In 1998 Pablito was my student; the kind every teacher desires to have in the classroom: intelligent, responsible, quiet and obedient.                               During the two-week break for winter in the middle of the school year, Pablito and I went to the city of Santa Cruz. We did usual things and visited normal places: McDonald’s, Zoo, movies, shopping, parks, etc. His affable-serene spirit helped him and me to give us an enjoyable time, but above all, a bonding time. At what point the idea surged, I don’t remember, but this time would also be experimental to see if he could handle separation from his family that he might be able to travel to Mexico with me at the end of the school year and he easily measured up. So on December 4th of that year, Pablito and I took a plane to Veracruz, Mexico and once again it was the two of us.                                                             At our arrival he became part of my family as I was part of his. We did sight-seeing, day-tripping and average tourism, but the most important trip and adventurous expedition we did is the one of walking together into a new life experience that transforms and has an effect on you for all times.                                                          He and his family are now back to the homeland of their forefathers, but Pablito remains one-of-a-kind, top-notch, first-class boy in my heart. Someone who taught me that just like in the journey of life, good company surpasses anything.


At the airport

At the airport


en route

en route

Paul Randall

Paul Randall

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  1. Nice to meet you, Pablito.
    Thanks for sharing, Andres.

  2. Qué gusto conocer a tu amigo Pablito mi querido Andrés. Es bonito ir forjando con el tiempo y las distancias, amigos que comparten nuestro amor hacia Dios también.
    Un fuerte abrazo para los dos.

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