In the School Library (I)

libros1Our library is far behind of what it should be, but it has libros2been slowing growing and improving.  For the time being it shares room with our computers.  Many old and obsolete books have been discarded and replaced for new ones of interest and practical use to our student body.  We try to embolden in them reading that is beneficial, constructive, informative biographiesand fun.

The two most checked out books are dictionaries and the Bible. Since we don’t have a librarian, we use a “trust system”.   While dictionaries, albums, encyclopedias, novels and any other book have remained in their shelves for years, it is somewhat interesting to observe that in our Christian School the most removed book, and never returned, is The Bible!

book1                                             dinoswsmith1

While I envision and look forward to the day when we have a better arrangement, classification and structure IN THE SCHOOL LIBRARY; I pause to ponder the whereabouts of these books containing the Eternal and Living Word of God.  I like to think that even if unintentionally and inadvertently taken from here, they are now, by God’s sovereign control, in a place where somebody will read it in perfect timing to accomplish its purpose. (Isaiah 55:11).


“…Only that in every way…Christ is proclaimed;

and in this I rejoice, yes, I will rejoice.”

Philippians 1:18

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  1. I’m sure the library will grow step by step. Keep up the good work!

  2. Sé que cuando se le enseña a un niño el amor a la lectura, esto es algo excelente y la mejor labor que como maestros se puede hacer. Dios te guarde en tu labor y te de fuerza para salir adelante.
    Un fuerte abrazo.

  3. Another interesting fact:

    The New Testaments next to the Bibles are freely given by the Gideons. They never disappear. 🙂

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