Impressive Lesson

Who would have told me that I was going to be on bed sick during the first week of classes? It started with a severe headache along with  nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite. The diagnosis was Dengue fever, also known as “break-bone” fever because of the muscle and joint pain. I was immediately put on IV therapy for four days.

I thank the Lord for brothers and sisters who assisted  and took good care of me. I should mention each one of them, they did so much for me. However, today what comes to my mind of my bedridden time is a simple visit from 6 of my students from last year that has touched my heart. They came after school. I heard them outside and had to yell from bed “open the door and come in”.  They knelt around my bed and started to sing a praise chorus I had taught them. The moment was electrifying, captivating, sweet and sublime. I literally felt  among angels and could not withhold tears. They showed me in a very common and practical way that pure religion is to visit those in their affliction (James 1:27) and taught me that most of the time our actions are a powerful sermon.

Kind and thoughtful little people

Kind and thoughtful little people

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  1. So sorry to hear you’ve been sick!!!! But God be blessed for his love and care for you. Aren’t kids just great?


  2. Después de leerte mi querido Andrés,pienso: ¡qué maravilla contar con alumnos así! Esas situaciones conmueven, es algo que se imprime en el corazón y nada ni nadie lo quitará de ahí. Es como un dulce álito de esencia en nuestra vida.
    Me alegro por ti Andrés, aunque me conduelo contigo por tu Dengue, pero gracias a Dios, que es ahí, en la cama del dolor, cuando conocemos cuánto nos aman nuestros hermanos y alumnos.
    El Señor te continúe bendiciendo y yo continuaré leyéndote.
    ¡Hasta el próximo post!

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