Aesthetic Lesson

bear1Today my students colored some pictures of Teddy bears to decorate our classroom. I have done this every year during the first week of the school year. I usually let them use their own  creativity and originality in choosing the colors. Their selection will tell me their inclination, propensity and some of their temperament because colors are a way of non-verbal communication. But they ask my opinion and I can’t help myself but to open my mouth to express my viewpoint. When I tell them that is alright to paint some bears blue, green or pink; some of them wide open their eyes in incredulity because for them bears are black or brown. For these orthodox and formal society is their first exposure to the philosophy of art where what is visually pleasing may vary from person to person.

bear2bear34After class, when our work was done and our goal was  accomplished, there were many brown and black bears and, to my delight, some of unimaginable, unheard-of colors. Then I ask myself: “What I taught today? Who can say what is beautiful and ugly? Who’s right or wrong?”

  To be honest,  we all are in one group or the other, traditional or nontraditional, conventional and customary or fresh and new, and from very early in life, have had to live with each other whether our perception of the world be in black and white or in rainbow colors. God made us both and in some way, we all need of each other.






What color would you have painted a Teddy Bear?

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  1. Pink– no question!!

  2. Brown, probably. Sometimes I’m very narrow-minded, but…. if you asked me to describe a Teddy Bear, I would have filled a whole page =)

  3. Lo pintaría en tonos de café con moño rojo pero a mis 45 años y con dos pequeños en escolaridad primaria he aprendido que todo muñeco lo puedo pintar con cara azul ó verde, con vestiduras amarillas con morado y porque nó? cabellos naranja y efectivamente:¿quien juzga que se ve feo? Sus maestras les han calificado: Bien! Me encanta lo que aprendo de mis pequeños :=)
    Te quiero mi hermano, sigue instando a tus alumnos a colorear con alegría, espontaneidad.

  4. Hi Andreas! Well, I’m glad to see that you let the kids choose any color they want!!! Great philosophy of art! I would have colored mine turquoise blue..the color of the sea.

    Have a great weekend!

    Ruth Pitman : )

  5. ¡Hola Andrés!, ¡preciosos ositos! Me encantó ese oso amarillo.Qué fabuloso que permitas a tus alumnos a que le den rienda suelta a su creatividad.
    ¿De qué color lo pintaría? ¡ups! Creo que quizá siguiera la costumbre de diferentes tonalidades de café, aunque quizá ¡me soltara la greña creativa! ja,ja,ja, y quizá apareciera un oso ¡anaranjado!
    Precioso post. Te envío un fuerte abrazo.

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