A roomie from the past

Stuffed animals were first made of the evacuated skin of a hunted animal around the 1830s. Today they can take any form and different textiles can be used. They are bought for a variety of reasons: gifts, display and decoration and expression of thought and affection. Some collectors pay fancy prices for them and the business of their manufacture make exorbitant amounts of profit. There might be some exceptions out there, in the case of asthmatics for instance, but for the most part, children own one. I was not excluded from the pleasure and joy of having mine. I remember seeing it  in a Sears store and was “love at first sight”. I don’t know till now if it is a bear or a dog, never gave him a name, although my dad used to refer to it as “Flat-face” (which would make him a polyhedron) and for its small size was not even huggable. I never had a gigantic attachment to it. He has simply been there, in my room, on my bed.     

   I am now an adult and it has been years since I left home.  Nowadays I just visit  for short periods of time. It came to my attention that “Flat-face” has had the same habitation since he was brought and that if he would have been in the drama of Toy Story where Woody fears the loss of Andy’s affection, my Flat-face would have been the king of the story knowing that year after year I come back and technology has never taken his spot.          

   Flat-face is a reminder of familiarity, of a dear place called home and of beloved people.  His fur is all worn out and dull, an indication of the inevitable tic tac of the clock. Time has taken its toll on him as on me and everyone. When  I see it I know we all are in the aging process, hopefully getting more mature and wiser.

 “Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Psalm 90:12

On my bed, his bed

On my bed, his bed


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  1. ¡Hola Andrés! A mi siempre me gustaron ¡y me siguen gustando los muñecos de peluche!.Guardo un oso de peluche que antes era rechonchito y siempre daban ganas de apapacharlo, je,je,(Rudy me lo regaló),es más, se me ocurrió llevarlo a los párvulos de aquella época ¡imagínate!:estaba mi hijo entre ellos ¡uuuuuuh!¿El motivo de llevarlo? provocar -en los que no la tenían- y reafirmar la buena conducta en los párvulos que sí la tenían. ¿Cuál era el premio? ¡cargar al oso en la clase!, ja,ja,ja, vieras que los niños se portaban tan bien con tal de tener el privilegio de cargar el oso por un rato, porque tuve que repartir la hora en minutos, porque había exceso de participantes que lo merecían, ¡wow! ¡qué bueno! Y aunque ya son todos unos muchachotes,(incluso muchos ya casados)todavía se acuerdan del oso de la buena conducta, ja,ja,ja.
    Para mi tu “carita plana”, es un perro, bueno, eso digo yo, je,je.
    Gracias por esta reflexión y estos recuerdos que nos compartes acerca de tu muñeco de peluche. ¡Muchas gracias!

  2. Ya te añadí a la lista de los blogs que leo para que no tenga que esperar ni batallar. Así entro directo.Te sigo leyendo.
    God bless you.

  3. ¡Ups! los dos comentarios anteriores son míos. Soy Isa, Isabel, Chabe ó Chabelita, como quieras llamarme, je,je.

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