Wilfrido Segovia, my dad, 3 yrs old

Resemble = To exhibit similarity or likeness to.

When I was I little boy I used to look at this picture of my dad and asked my parents “when was this photo of me taken?”      My dad used to jokingly tease my sister and me by telling us  a story of how he found us in the “City garbage dump”.  We were amused instead of hurted, for deep inside, we knew with all certainty that we were his offspring, brood, progeny, kinship.  There was not room for doubt or distrust, my face resembles his.

Dr. David Reid comments on the First Epistle of John this way:

“There’s nothing like going through the family photo album to bring back memories of good times together. Besides enjoying the memories, seeing your picture in the album confirms that you are a part of the family. If you weren’t part of the family you wouldn’t see yourself pictured time and again in the album. The apostle John’s first epistle is like a family photo album. If you are a true believer, you will be assured of your salvation when you read through 1 John because your “picture” as a member of God’s family will be there on the pages. If you’re not a true Christian, you should be convicted and concerned when you don’t see yourself pictured in “God’s family photo album” of 1 John.”

My dad and I on a walk
My dad and I on a walk

Our Lord Jesus’ perfect relationship with his Father gave him a sense of direction and authority. He knew where he had come from and who had sent him (John 8:14; Luke 10:22). “He is the image of the invisible God” (Col.1:15).

I am thankful for 1 Jhon which was written for our assurance that we are born of the Father and have Eternal Life (5:13).
May we live today bearing a resemblance of our heavenly Father which, like in the case with my dad, will be the ultimate  evidence of our relationship to him.
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  1. Recuerdo la broma y efectivamente,ambos nos parecemos a nuestros padres,también es mi deseo reflejar hoy en mi caracter, evidencia de que soy hija de Dios.
    Veo tus fotos y recuerdo nuestra niñez calmada, divertida que tuvimos. Te quiero mucho.

  2. Siempre pensé que te parecías a tu mami,pero bueno, al ver las fotos de tu papi,digo:¡wow! ¡cómo te pareces a él!.
    Tienes de ambos progenitores, no de en balde, tanto tu hermana como tú, son excelentes combinaciones de los dos papis.Gracias por compartir.
    Un fuerte abrazo.

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