Three Wise Men

There were three elders in the little assembly I attended in Veracruz, Mexico who, in retrospect, had a great impact in my life. These men were not renowned Bible scholars. They were ordinary, normal and average individuals who, at the same time, were also exceptional and remarkable Christians. They are now with the Lord receiving a crown of glory (I Peter 5:4). Let me tell you about them:

Don Luis

Don Luis

Don Luis Fernandez was an impetuous, spontaneous and self-confident person with great leadership ability and especially very apt to teach. He faithfully came to my house to disciple my family. My sister and I were very young, but we were included and accountable for. I owe to him much of my knowledge of  basic Bible doctrine. He baptized me one day of August in 1979 and gave me the challenge, as the young generation that crossed the Jordan with Joshua, to conquer and live victoriously.

Don Roberto

Don Roberto

Don Roberto Rendon was known for his humble calm spirit and his expertise of old testament verses. One day, when I was 14 years old, he asked me to go with him to a very distant neighborhood where he held a small Bible study. He let me teach the children. This was my first exposure to the Lord’s command “to go”.  He took me out of my comfort zone to walk to an unfamiliar place to be with strange people. This experience would  be my very first steps in missionary endeavour. During that time I said to the Lord in my heart: “Here am I. Send me!”


Don Carlos

Don Carlos

Don Carlos Bermudez was the phlegmatic type, very peaceful, sensitive and perceptive person. My parents and I went to visit him to the hospital before heart surgery. He was talking to my parents when out of the blue he turned to me and said: “Andres, when you speak in public make sure to project your voice so that the last person sitting in the back can hear you.”  I was only a teenager and had no idea I would end up as a teacher. I never saw him again, he went to be with the Lord after that surgery, but his advice has stayed with me since then.

“The elders who rule well are to be considered

worthy of double honor,

especially those who work hard at preaching and teaching.”

I Timothy 5:17 (NASB)

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  1. How nice to remember wise men who have touched our lives. Thanks for sharing.

  2. HI! Andres

    I am preparing for an MA course in SPIRITUAL FORMATION. One of the pre-module assignments requires me to trace a LIFE MAP of events which were significant in my life. In that assignment, 35 slides, I include reference to Daniel Biasillo, 5 or 6 years older than me, a simple subsistence farmer, barely literate before he committed his life to God. Now, for many years Daniel has been on fire for the Lord and has discipled many young people. The two books he reads:
    a) The Bible
    b) “Knowing God” by J.I. Packer.

    You and I both have Bible College degrees and yet the significant people in our life are simple, godly, assembly people!


  3. Andres..I’m so enjoying your blogs and the great things you share with us. May we all be grateful for those who have trained us so that we can train others!!


  4. Mi querido Andrés: Gracias por esta reseña de estos hombres de Dios. Cada uno en su tiempo y estilo,fueron parte de nuestra vida y de las acciones que ahora que servirmos al Rey de reyes lo apreciamos.
    Gracias, muchas gracias por tu amor.
    En una ocasión don Mario Mulky nos dijo, que sólo los que han madurado, pueden ser agradecidos con aquellos que les han enseñado.
    God bless you.

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