My female German Shepherd

Titi with her carrot toy

Titi with her carrot toy

A few days ago I discovered something about my female German shepherd called “Titi”. She was given to me by a colleague who did not have space for her in his house and must have been more than a year old. She was in heat thus enthusiastically welcomed by Aldo. Titi has her peculiarities: Primarily, she has no notion what obedience is all about, next she is somewhat mentally disturbed, for example, while my other two dogs try to find shelter as rain pours down, she is in frenzy chase attempting to bite off raindrops; when she finally gets tired, she places herself in the middle of the shower pacifically wagging her tail as she gets soaked. Her favourite hobby is to search for any kind of dazzling light reflected from any shiny object. She has a “mother complex” that literally kills with love newborn kitten (her jaw is too strong to hold the little creatures) and tears apart any Teddy bear. I have learned to live with all her inconvenient and inappropriate manners, I would just not have the heart to send her away somewhere else.

One of her annoying habits was to lie down just in front of the dooryard and every time I had to open it with a major thrust. Often I would say “Would you please find another place to couch yourself?” This I thought till the other day when the weather temperature was so high that I decided to sleep in a cooler room outside which had a mosquito screen as door. I noticed Titi was not in her usual place. I found her cuddled right in front of the screen door where I had slept. When the temperature got bearable again, I went back inside the house to sleep in my bedroom. Next morning when I went outside, she was also back to her customary post. I deliberately moved back and forth from these two rooms only to discover she would also move with me. She slept closer to the door of the room I was. It finally dawned on me; as a good guardian dog, she was watching over me. I had misread her behaviour, misinterpreted her attitude and unwisely complain

about her devotion to me. How could I have been so stupid?       

Crazy and Beautiful Titi

Crazy and Beautiful Titi



After this experience with Titi the dog…I ask myself:

 Has somebody’s bothersome attitude been the way to tell me something important?

 Has a phone call been considered inopportune when actually somebody is affectionately thinking of me?

 Has a visit been regarded as an interruption to my free time when in reality those people want to fondly spend time with me?

 Oh Lord, give me wisdom to never misjudge people’s actions!

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  1. She is beautiful, love her toy, and also your blog. Yes they do like watching over us to make sure we are all right.

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