The reason

Sometimes I wonder if I were not here


where I would be…

If my life is making a difference…

if the time, energy, resources and my all will eventually bring forth fruit for the glory of God…

This I think while I stroll through the the streets of this little town in Bolivia.

 Then I see a face,


then my eyes meet eyes,


then I get a smile back


then I know in my heart,

like a simple quiet whisper from God telling me:


These are THE REASON you are here.












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  1. Have a safe trip!

  2. That is a good poem almost, it is free verse. It is very nice Andres, thanks for sharing, you are definitely being used by God in Bolivia and everywhere.

  3. I wasn’t trying to write poetry or rhyme! I just verbalize my thoughts as they came without any rule restrictions, as you said FREE verse!

  4. Dear Andrewcito:

    Yes we sure will be praying for you and your safe trip. May the Lord bless you each and every day of your life either in Bolivia, or wherever the Lord may send you.
    HE is the Potter, you & I are the clay, my brother.
    Take courage!

  5. thank you for sharing ur website with u and all ur contacts. It’s really cool.
    Have a FANTASTIC trip. May God use u there like He has used here in Bolivia! Great sayings. Sometimes we don’t really know what to express when it’s inside but that FREE verse like Christopher said shows God’s beauty! The vision u have:)Enjoy ur trip!!!:) We’ll be praying

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