Andres, my tocayo

When two people have the same name they call each other “tocayo” (namesake). Andres Moron, my tocayo, is an easy-going 13 year-old kid who loves sports and playing the guitar. He has started to come to church since his oldest brother Franco has. The other day we did a special number with our instruments and also had fun changing the lyrics of a song from a popular band to give testimony of how Jesus can change a life. I recently invited him to attend the 9 o’clock worship meeting to observe and learn how we remember the Lord’s death on our behalf and proclaim his return. He expressed his desire to come, but told me that for the moment he couldn’t. I asked him why and his response was: “my mom”. He expounded his answer and went on to tell me how he had had small arguments with his mother about Christianity:

-Mother:  Are you going to tell me that you are now “Evangelista” (Evangelist)?

-Andres:  No mom, an evangelist is one who has the gift of preaching the gospel. I am not.

-Mother:  So, are you changing religion?

-Andres:  neither mom, I am walking out of a religion to have a personal relationship with Jesus.

For the time being my tocayo will have to obey his mother and go to mass with her at 9 o’clock. The mother is a nice friendly lady who has all her children in the Christian School. Paola, her youngest, was my student this year. She is not against God, so to speak, but refuses to let go her Catholic traditions.      I am amazed of my little friend Andres’ replies making evident of how much understanding he has of basic doctrine. I rejoice in how the Holy Spirit guided my tocayo to have the right words. I hope that one day he can come to praise the Savior at the Breaking of Bread with his whole family.





Salvation is a miracle of a moment,
Growth is the process of a lifetime.
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  1. Very good.
    God bless.
    Jim Cocking

  2. Will pray for Andres and his family.
    ¡Cuánto ha crecido!

  3. I’ll be praying Andres!

  4. I, along with the universal body of Christ will be praying!

  5. What a fantastic testimony! Will be praying for your tocayo.

  6. juntos, Dani,Sofi y yo oraremos por Andrés el tocayo.
    Te queremos mucho!

  7. Andres has been able to regularly come to the Lord’s Supper. He is growing in the Lord. Pray for a firm decision to get baptized soon. Thanks!

  8. […] and Andres Moron got baptized last Saturday, June 6th after a year they made profession of faith. There […]

  9. Last Sunday (June 13/2010) Andres’ parents came for the first time to the Lord’s Supper.

    Please keep praying!

  10. […] school they continued the conversation as they walked to their homes, Andres Moron joined them and both answered her questions. She wanted that purpose, direction and commitment in […]

  11. The whole Moron family is now baptized and coming to the Lord’s Supper to worship!

    🙂 Alleluia!!!

  12. […] stubborn and had a rebellious attitude. Then little by little through friendship with my classmate Andres Moron who invited me to come to the church Saturday Night Young People’s meeting; I came to realize my […]

  13. […] she affirms with very expressive eyes. Her three older brothers (Franco – Clever – Andres) were of great influence to make a decision for Christ when she was around 11 years old. Today she […]

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