"I hate Mondays"
“I hate Mondays”

tODDy is my big, laid back, male Siamese cat. I have never considered cats to be very smart, but about a year ago he had to make a decision and demonstrate his cleverness. He had joined my pet family in 2005 and had lived with me in the same house for two years when one day I had to move out. I started the process of transporting the animals one by one. When it was tOddY’s turn, I placed him in a small zipped duffle bag because he was not used to be around strangers and street noises. I also had heard that if  cats don’t see the course they’re being taken, can’t find their way back. tOddY would prove the theory wrong. As soon as I got him out of the bag, he jumped off the fence and disappeared. Next day during my daily morning walk with the dogs I passed by the previous house and behold he was there.  I called him, came to me, held him close to my chest and brought him to the house I had just moved into. This once I took the time to be with him, showed him around, served him a whole can of tuna fish, his favorite dish. He finished it and got out of sight again. I repeated the procedure five times, including the tuna-strategy, and five times he went back to the other now EMPTY house. I would think that an animal that is smart enough to have a sense of orientation and direction to find his way back; would also be judicious to realize that it was not the place, but I who love, feed and protect him. He had to make a choice:

-stay in familiar surroundings without me


-follow me wherever with my protection and provision.

Five and a half months later, he simply made an appearance as if he had always lived there and had not gone anywhere else since. He finally got the point.

tOddY has no idea how much I relate to him. I am usually scared of new situations, circumstances and incidents, like having to find a new place to live, moving to another country to serve the Lord, meeting new people, etc. I would rather become stagnant, stationary and static, but my God would not allow it. He makes me move on, act on his promises, advance in faith and stretch the limits that I may grow and know him.  Many a time I am afraid, but I know I better follow him, for with Him I find love, shelter and all my needs supplied to the full.

We both liked that house

We both liked that house

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  1. Praise the name of the Lord Jesus for animals. He can teach us many lessons through all of his creatures. Give thanks to the Lord for he is good, his love endures forever, and he will supply all our needs according to his riches in Christ Jesus. It is so true. (Phil. 4:19, Psalm 136)

    God Bless!

  2. I’m like tOddY too. I don’t like changes, but I have to learn to follow my Owner. Thanks!

  3. Andres, that is a great analogy!
    We don’t like change, God has been involved in my life lately as well, to trust him with my future, that he knows best. Many of the things I expected to be doing next year, have completely changed–for the better!
    God bless.

  4. Andres
    I enjoy reading you. We should know by now that the Lord teaches us in many surpizing ways, with our pets plants the moon, the sky, he is a great teacher.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. ¡Què lindo gatito! ¡me encantó! A propósito, yo tengo una gatita a la cual mis hijos le pusieron por nombre: Susú. Creo que estos son de los mejores compañeros porque son calladitos, limpios, no necesitas invertir mucho tiempo y esfuerzo y sólo se conforma con tu presencia. Creo que muchas veces, debièramos ser como el gato delante de Dios: calladitos=escuchando su voz; limpios= Él nos pide santidad, ja,ja,ja, y no le sigo, porque voy a “rebuscar” las cosas.
    Sólo te digo que salieron guapos los dos en la foto.
    God bless you.

  6. Dear Andrés: Now, I’m writing in English but I’m…¡out!, je,je, This is not my strong ¡ups! I forget the word, je,je. Well, only I said for you that I like Toody.
    Kisses for you.

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