Senior Missionaries (part III)

For years the Trains ministered through local churches, Christian school, rural evangelism, literature distribution, boarding homes, correspondence courses, visiting the sick, helping the needy, but mainly teaching God’s Word.

Open Air Meeting

Open Air Meeting


They both are teachers by profession and by God’s given gift. Gene’s teaching was always very solid and profound. I saw him in his studio reading books and writing his well- organized outline for his Bible studies and worship in the Lord’s Supper. His meditation was never on the spur of the moment. One Sunday I stood up to reflect on the words of a hymn; after the meeting, he took me apart to tell me that if I wanted to participate I should take the time to prepare. I did not like the concept and thought he was obstructing the free leading of the Spirit. As every foolish person, I did not understand him, resented the advice and got discouraged. Proverbs say: “Hear…children the instruction of a father.” Today, while I don’t see as completely wrong what I did at that time, I do value his well intention to inculcate and instill in me that worship on Sunday is the result of time spent with the Lord and his Word during the week. I have learned that spontaneity often flows from discipline. The Lord Jesus does not deserve less. Gene taught in an orderly, solemnly and earnestly manner and his sermons set the standard by which the members of the Camiri church would measure all other teaching.        Loraine, on the other hand, is witty and extremely expressive. She teaches with body motions, face expressions, different tones of voice and emotions. I also witnessed her time of study at the dining table. She can easily bring to life any story and practically apply it. Because she only taught women’s classes I didn’t get the chance to have a front seat to listen to her Bible expositions, but I did behind the scenes while in her house and when I finished my Sunday school class before hers. I would have easily sat for hours paying attention to her lively preaching.

Gene teaching young people

Gene teaching young people

When I think of how the sovereign God weaved the threads of this couple of gifted teachers so that they would get an education, respond to his calling to a remote town in South America, planted a church and founded a school years before I was even born, in order that decades later; I would also come responding his calling and put me in a place where I would interact with them on a daily basis as “iron sharpens iron” to observe, learn, improve, practice, increase knowledge, expand my vision, intensify my passion and exercise my teaching profession and gift; I can only say that it’s another of God’s masterpieces! How true that “we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.”
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  1. What a truth that is, may we continue to put our entire beings into the lord’s work, and love him with our entire being.

  2. Inspiring! Thank you!

  3. They are great people, just don’t tell them all the details (!). They have done a great work in Bolivia and no doubt they have changed you and been part of your life. In turn you have been a great influence on my life! So this story not yet done writing! Good work Andres.

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