Call me Baruch

In The movie “A Few Good Men” actor Jack Nicholson plays the role of a despot high rank officer named Nathan R. Jessep. He is in charge of the ground forces in Cuba. Col. Jessep is brought to court by Lt.Daniel Kaffee, played by Tom Cruise. The pure interrogation puts in risk Kaffee’s career and seems to go almost no where as Jessep has a logical and strong answer for every question. He apparently enjoys the embarrassment and distress Kaffee is undergoing in front of the judge, the jury and all the rest present in the hearing. As a spectator I am feeling the tension and my hands are sweating. I am kind of edgy. But of all the things said during the case and specifically during the examination and confrontation of Jessep and Kaffee, there is one that gets my attention. When asked why the Colonel felt the need to transfer a soldier in training out of the base, Jessep replied he thought his life might be in danger; to which Kaffee adds in question form: “great danger?” As arrogant as a person can be, Jessep responds with another question: “IS THERE ANOTHER KIND?” 

Col. Nathan R. Jessep
Col. Nathan R. Jessep

     This is not a movie review. It’s Jessep’s question that comes to my mind every time I hear a report in church of a conference, camp, evangelistic campaign or any other activity. Brothers and sisters that have attended wish to make emphasis on how good the event was by saying that “it was of great blessing”. I don’t want to be haughty, but scriptural and ask “Is there another kind?” It troubles my  mind that once we add the adjective “great” to the noun “blessing”, the consequent thought is that there must be categories in the “blessing catalog” of God. There must be: small-trivial, medium-normal, large-great and super extra ones reserved for the holiest and God’s favorite children.         To my understanding the Bible teaches of spiritual and material blessings. The believer in Jesus Christ has no need to plea for spiritual blessings. They have been given to us IN HIM (Eph. 1) and we should consider them all “great” for have no equal. When it comes to material blessings, God can choose to multiply them according to our obedience or to his sovereign purposes and grace. they can vary in quantity, but not in quality.
Today is “Yom Kippur” (Day of atonement). I can join the celebration for my sins have been covered with the blood of the Lamb of God.
Call me “Baruch” which means “BLESSED”. I am a recipient of blessings every day and everything that comes from My God and Father is good, perfect and no less than GREAT! (James 1:17).

All God's blessings are great



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  1. Wow! Very intense and nice. Great writing! Sorry for the “great”. Just joking, you know, you’re right. We shouldn’t categorize God. Sometimes we do it with people too. We think some must be more “consentidos”. Thanks, Baruch.

  2. Very good read Andres, I must say. God blesses his children so much, and I am often the undeserving recipient of his grace and blessing–especially recently. We have a great God!
    About Yom Kippur, I have a friend in school who is Jewish and she has to fast today and do a whole bunch of other traditions. On a certain holiday, she said that the rabbi has to get so drunk that he can’t distinguish “friend from villain”. I asked her if that was Biblical, and she agreed that it wasn’t, but that it was in extra-biblical writing by a Rabbi. Doesn’t the Bible already have enough laws for the Jews?! It saddens me to see such traditions expanded and distorted. Everything is a tradition–THANK GOD I LIVE BY GRACE! I have no chain around my neck and no guilt on my shoulders. This truly is a day to celebrate!

  3. Hey truly is our place of contentment. He is YAHWEH JIREH! We have eternal life, through Christ, along with many other bountiful spiritual and physical blessings. We don’t even need to count them. He supplies our needs at all times, and wants us to be responsible. Let us be responsible for the kings things, and Lean on him to supply us with all things!

  4. ¡recuerdo la película! aún disfruto justo ésa parte de “hay otra clase de peligro?”.Si Dios te permite venir, veremos la película juntos. Linda observación sobre si hay otra clase de bendición como para añadirle “gran”, todo cuanto proviene de Dios trae el sello de Su Persona y entonces no debieramos etiquetar a las bendiciones (pequeñas,grandes etc) ¿has observado Andrés, que ésto mismo sucede CON LOS PECADOS? algunos los etiquetan como “pequeños, menos graves, mas feos etc” cuando la escritura dice que EL PECADO (no especifica tamaño) me separa de Dios.
    Que el conocer cada día más a nuestro Padre del cielo, nos ayude a sus hijos a experimentar en realidad lo que El nos ha manisfestado en la biblia, sin etiquetar al pecado,a la bendición bajo las normas del mundo en que vivimos.

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