Mr. Train and Mr. Meiers

Mr. Train and Mr. Meiers

The Christian School of Camiri was founded by missionaries Eugene and Loraine Train in 1956. The purpose was to provide  good quality education and share the Good News of salvation of Jesus Christ.
Many are those who have come to know the Lord Jesus through the school’s ministry and service to the community.
In 2004 “Don Eugenio”  stepped down from his responsibilities as principal and Gabriel Meiers came to take the lead of the school with the same goals, but with new vision and zest.
After 52 years of diverse and beneficial contributions to the little town of Camiri in Bolivia, the Christian School is facing great challenges:
1.- Build new classrooms and a girls bathroom.
2.- Replace outdated books in the library.
3.- Have an air-conditioned room for computer center and add more CPUs.
4.- Maintain in high percentage the number of committed christian teachers.
5.- Increase the number of students.
6.- Bring the school to financial stability for its proper functioning.
7.- A Black&White, high speed Copy Machine.
These are just to mention some.   
New and old classrooms

New and old classrooms

Praise the Lord for men like Gene and Gabe, for their risk-taking faith, love to the Lord and desire to unselfishly serve others.
May God continue using the school as an instrument of blessing to the people and through it all be glorified.
If you want to see more pictures of the school visit its website at:
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  1. Is Gabriel’s mother from South America?


  2. Yes. His father is from the States and her mother is from Paraguay. He speaks three languages, English, Spanish and Guarani. He plays the guitar and sings beautifully to the Lord! Good friend and great brother!

  3. ANDREW! I am glad that you have a website! I am going to start a new one up for me soon, actually with wordpress. You know that my book is coming out in February, right? The blog will keep everyone up to date, but I am not yet ready to start it. I will keep my eye on your site. Hey, I have a new cellphone number…find it on Facebook.

  4. As of today, we have a Xerox machine in the office, and two a/c units; one in the computer room and one in the 12th grade classroom. I would like one in the office and build more new classrooms! Thanks to generous donors. Please keep praying.

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