Cats are not my kind of animal. I had one in my childhood named “Misifu” with good, but few memories. Later on we got a dog and that was the end of my interest for cats for many years.


Now as an adult, I was living in a small apartment when one day I saw a mouse in the kitchen. Without trying mousetraps or poisoned food, I immediately got myself a cat. Because I felt the animal was some kind of an urgent need I didn’t get a kitty, but a somewhat grown up, but still young creature. I named him “Foggy”.


I brought him in a bag and placed him in the kitchen and told him “I expect you to do your job”. He rushed under the kitchen counter afraid of me, but I didn’t mind because I was also afraid of him. I reasoned that he spontaneously had chosen a good place to hide and might find the very thing I had brought him for. There he was free to chase, scare, eat, play with or do whatever he pleased with any found rodent.


Foggy lasted with me six years and I never saw a mouse again, except in his mouth. He did his job well and we both got along well.


I am still a dog kind of person. Dogs rule and have no rival, but when I think of Foggy and my experience with him; I think of the times I have been placed in situations with people I did not choose to be with, in the family, in the school, in the workplace, in the neighborhood or in the church.

He reminds me that I should give people and myself the chance to befriend. In time, those unfamiliar faces, that once made us unease, could be at the end the dearest and closest ones in our lives.


After Foggy I have had many more. Each one with its own peculiar trait, particular story and unique in their very own special way.


I love dogs, but I write this to honor Foggy and all those cats out there that in one time or another have been a long and lasting companion to someone and whose relaxed, happy and content presence has scared mice out of one’s house.


Good job kitties! There are the mice, go get’em!

Foggy making a new friend

Foggy making a new friend

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  1. I’m a cat lover! Thanks for sharing your experience.

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